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Motorola Moto G (4G LTE) characteristics


The Good Motorola Moto G has one of the best screens you can get for the price, plenty of power for everyday essentials, an easy-to-use, near-affordable version of Android KitKat and the addition of 4G LTE and memory expansion.

The Bad The camera has nothing but an unusual outfit in good lighting, and the addition of 4G LTE means that the once “incredible bargain” price is now only a “good value”.

The Bottom Line Although the Motorola Moto G with 4G LTE is a bit more expensive than its only 3G counterparts, it still has one of the best displays in the budget arena, its processor makes it work nicely smooth, and its rounded, compact body is both comfortable and attractive. If you want to get all-inclusive 4G high speed access, you’ve come to the right place.

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8.0 Overall

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance

Editor’s Note (September 5, 2014): Motorola has announced the continuation of this phone 2014 Motorola Moto G .

With the Moto G, Motorola has thrown a giant key to the mobile world. Its mid-range lineup has been coupled with an extremely low price tag, making it the best-priced phone in the country. This made the review of the phones somewhat repetitive – from time to time I had to conclude: “This phone is great, but the Moto G offers the same performance for a lot less money.”

Its only drawbacks were the lack of extended storage and the lack of 4G LTE. This was not a big deal in the UK as 4G was still very new and still quite expensive. In the US, 4G was much more widespread, so its omission was a bigger problem. Motorola has fixed both and added 4G and a microSD card slot to the new updated Moto G.

This remains the same in any other respect than the price – you still get the best screen for the price, a very capable quad-core processor, a 5MP camera and the latest Android version 4.4.3 KitKat.

New Moto G shows off its 4G LTE and microSD slot (pictures)

It is now sold in the UK for free at £ 19 a month at retailers such as 4U phones, or without a £ 149 SIM card with Amazon’s 8GB of storage. In the US, you can get a phone directly from the Motorola online store for $ 219. In Australia, the Moto G costs $ 299 – only $ 50 more than the original non-4G.

This is a slight increase in the price of £ 119, or $ 179, unlocked as the older version goes on sale with the new one. Motorola also has another new phone for you, and it’s even cheaper: $ 130 / £ 90 / AU $ 179 Moto E. You can read all about Moto E here .

Design and display

Although it now packs 4G LTE radio inside, the Moto G remains physically unchanged. I found the older 4.5-inch Moto G case very comfortable to hold, thanks to its curved back that fits snugly into your palm. The new model is just as comfortable. It’s also not big enough to force your thumb out every time you try to type it with one hand.

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The plastic back panels are interchangeable and come in many different colors, as well as sturdy enclosures and covers to protect the screen. The Moto G is also now in white, though the white model is not so widely available. I was addicted to the new shade at the start of the event – it is definitely brighter, especially when it is combined with a light back, so I hope it will soon become easier to hold on.

There is a microSD card slot under the replaceable cover. The lack of expandable memory disappointed the older Moto G since it was only available with 8 or 16GB. Although 16GB is probably enough for most people, if you wanted to shop on a budget and wanted spring only for the 8GB model, you’ll quickly find your place once you’ve downloaded your favorite programs and songs. The new model only has 8GB, but with the ability to download 32GB microSD cards (available for around £ 10 or $ 15), storage should not be a problem.

The 4.5-inch display has a resolution of 1,280×720 pixels, giving a really good density of 326 pixels per inch. Coupled with its high brightness, bright colors and decent viewing angles, the Moto G has easily the best screen available on a budget phone.

Motorola didn’t seem to like the 4G display, which still looks as crisp and bold as before, surpassing similarly priced 4G phones, such as EE Kestrel (UK only) and Nokia Lumia 635 . Both of these phones can be taken for £ 100 (about $ 170, although prices are not yet confirmed), which is a decent piece of cash.

Android KitKat Software

The Moto G was first launched last year with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on board, but updated to 4.4.2 KitKat in January. The Kit 4 Kit, complete with KitKat, has new features such as the ability to display videos and games in fullscreen without the space-saving navigation buttons. It also lets you search for local businesses directly from the contact program.

Unlike most manufacturers who like to put their own stamp on Android, Motorola has made very little interface. In fact, it’s almost stock Android, so if you’ve ever used an Android device before, there’s nothing new to keep your head low. The G has several add-ons, including Motorola Assist, which performs tasks such as automatically silencing your phone when you have an appointment.

With the almost complete absence of any Motorola interface fixes, the Android experience is extremely easy to handle, whether it’s an Android veteran or a brand new smartphone.

Processor and battery performance

The 4G Moto G has the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor as the previous version. This is a quad-core 1.2 GHz case backed by 1GB of RAM, and I found it to be more than powerful for the most common tasks. Instagramming food and sending awful selfies via WhatsApp were handled without any hassle.

He turned his hand to demanding games, such as Asphalt 8, quite well, though the frame rate dropped at times – more basic games, like Cut The Rope, are well within their reach.

Overall navigation is also fast, thanks in part to Motorola’s software settings, which the company believes make the phone extremely efficient due to its energy resources. Whatever it is, it works – applications and menus are quickly opened and the camera starts up and is ready to shoot in just a few seconds.

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Inside is a 2070 mAh battery, which is the same cell size you would find in a regular Moto G. This is a bit of a deal since 4G LTE is more power consuming than 3G. After a cycle of an hour and a half, YouTube videos have gone beyond 4G, with power dropping from full to 74 percent, which remains pretty average. I’ve seen similar efforts regarding 3G-only phones, so the 4G added didn’t seem to have a major impact on battery life.

If you spend the day broadcasting on Netflix or playing online games such as Shadowgun over 4G, you should expect to give the battery a boost in the afternoon if you want to have power left after the pub. If you are careful in using – don’t turn off Wi-Fi and GPS, avoid complex tasks and dim the screen – you should be able to enjoy a full day of use.


On the back is a 5-megapixel camera, which again remains unchanged from the original Moto G. Its results, as a rule, are not surprising. My test shots were often unexposed, and the HDR mode gave some shots a high-contrast, unnatural look. Low resolution means a lack of clarity and clarity. Below is a summary of my tests.

Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test with HDR Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test with HDR Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test with HDR Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle
Motorola Moto G camera test Andrew Hoyle

If you are in the park with your friends, bathed in the glorious sunshine, then your phone should be able to take some pictures to make your friends’ reputation on Facebook officers. Despite this, this is not the phone you want to take a picture of. The camera interface is, at the very least, extremely easy to use. There are very few settings, so it’s really a matter of pointing the screen and tapping the screen. Options such as HDR are hidden from the path when not in use.


With its decent features and the lowest price, the Motorola Moto G was already a fantastic deal, not only outperforming its low-end competitors, but offering far more than most mid-range mobile phones. Adding 4G LTE and expandable memory addresses our two original problems with the Moto G.

The slight increase in prices means that it does not have the same favorable praise rights as its 3G counterparts. With its great display, easy-to-use Android KitKat version, extended storage, and user-friendly design, however, it is one of the best budget phones in the whole direction. This is definitely worth a look if you are using a 4G phone at the highest price.

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