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Is ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm useful for home


The Good Impressive 3D mode; attractive design; decent built-in speakers.

The Bad Function light; lack of USB port; no height adjustment; dear.

The Bottom Line The ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm is an expensive low-power monitor, but it has an impressive trick. Although its 2D performance is no different, the 3D capability transforms it into an extremely impressive gaming display when used in conjunction with Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision Kit

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7.5 Overall

Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision KitAllows full color, stereoscopic, 3D games and video playback on yoursPC. The 22-inch FuHzion VX2268wm ViewSonic is currently one of the fewmonitorscapable of working in 3D mode. It is available for about 220 pounds.

3D thrills
Most of the time, the VX2268wm looks and works like a standard 22-inch PC monitor. It has 16: 10, 1680×1,050-pixel standard displaysTN panel. It comes with a base suspension stand, built-in stereo speakers, and very few other great features.

What sets it apart from the package is its 120Hz refresh rate, which makes it compatible with Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision Kit. This kit requires the ability to send different video streams at 60 frames per second to each of your eyes at the same time, hence the need for a refresh rate of 120 Hz on the display.

The Vision Kit comes with a pair of rechargeable LCD glasses, an infrared PC transmitter, and a driver software CD. The goal is to have all 3D games run smoothly and automatically with the Vision Kit, but in practice, it’s something impressive and unfortunate. Sometimes games require a little tweaking of game settings, and Nvidia helps you with this by providing fairly up-to-date datadatabasegames that the company has already tested and configured.

When you start the game for the first time, a message will be displayed on the screen indicating whether it is compatible with 3D mode and inform you of any settings you may need to change. You can then reject the message by a pre-defined keystroke.

If it works well, the 3D effect can be very impressive. First-person shooters are taking on a new lease of life, and you can discover how we did it, that you will want to download old games that you haven’t played in years, just enjoy them again in 3D. Outdoor games work very well when there is a long distance between you and the horizon. Racing games can be particularly dramatic, as the 3D effect imparts a heightened sense of speed and adds a great deal of realism to collisions.

All this excitement comes with a price. The Vision kit will set you back about £ 110, and the VX2268wm costs about £ 100 more than you would expect to pay for a similar 60Hz model.

Clunky menus
ViewSonic OSDs have not been updated for many years, and now they are starting to look rather awkward and unfriendly. They can be quite tricky to use, but the cost benefit of the VX2268wm is that they offer relatively few options.

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The VX2268wm does not have many premium features, such as an ambient light sensor or multiple images are presented. While many find such features superfluous, we can’t help but think that the monitor should offer more for the price. You do get a set of pretty good built-in speakers, but the SRS WOW trim to enhance the speakers.

In terms of image quality, the VX2268wm is responsive and provides very good contrast and accurate color, though we think it looks better with the dynamic contrast option turned off.

Without its 120GHz refresh rate and 3D capability, the ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm would be very overpriced and you could get a lot more for your money. 16: 9 and 1080p versions would also be better. After all, if you buy this monitor, you buy it for its three-dimensional performance, which is very good.

Edited by Charles Clough

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