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Is Samsung Syncmaster 305T safe for school


The Good Good color reproduction Excellent response speed. Minimalistic design.

The Bad Multiple inputs are missing. No OSD controls.

The Bottom Line Samsung’s 30cm Syncmaster LCD is still overkill for most users, but if you have that screen real estate, it’s a very reliable competitor.

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8.8 Overall

The Samsung Syncmaster 305T is a physically impressive LCD screen, but it’s pretty much everything that comes with any 30-inch display. However, what makes the 305T stand out is an incredibly minimalist panel with relatively few front panel displays. Instead of highlighting the screen with a frame of different thicknesses or colors, the Syncmaster 305T instead chooses a thin and uniform 2cm wide frame that causes the screen to become a second background rather than stand out – well, as much as a 30-inch The LCD screen can blend into anything. Although it is an LCD, not an CRT, you will still need a large amount of workspace to accommodate the bulk of it; It measures 690.2 x 502.0 x 280.0 mm with stand and weighs 12 kg.

We cannot help but comment on the logo Samsung uses on its 305T homepage: “Imagine the extra width your life can have.” We are not very sure that it is a good idea to get tagins from Viagra spam providers.

The 305T is a 16:10 aspect ratio LCD with a claimed gray-gray response time of 6ms. Resolution is available on WQXGA (2560 x 1600). You need a decent quality video card with DVI-Link DVI support to run this resolution. A typical contrast ratio is specified at 1000: 1 at a brightness ratio of 400 cd / m2. Samsung claims a 178-degree viewing angle on all sides.

The DVI-D monitor connector itself and the compatible cable. No additional inputs for home audio and even a VGA connector; it’s only designed as a high-end PC display if you don’t want to get cranky through converters or plug-ins.

The Syncmaster 305T also has four USB connectors, but they are located at the bottom and back of the display, making them difficult to access.

Proper setup on the Syncmaster 305T was a big deal, as it lowered any screen. The only thing you can change in the front panel is the brightness setting. Any other adjustments you want to make to optimize image quality must be made through the control panel of the corresponding video card. It’s annoying work, though, to be fair, up to 305T, it’s not the only large display panel that goes down this route.

On large screens, it is quite common to see vision problems, as the scaling required to increase the size of the images may exceed some screens. When we launched Displaymate to test the Syncmaster 305T, it got a great show. It has excellent color reproduction, geometric display pattern and good grayscale. This will make a great working monitor for Photoshop types. At the same time, the response time of 6ms worked well in our game tests, without feeling lag in the display. In addition, the high-definition video looked stunning, though, like the recently revised Dell 2707WFP, we would be concerned about the long-term effects of watching too many videos over such short distances.

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It’s not cheap, and its size means that it doesn’t fit all, but if you find a really large LCD monitor on the market, the Samsung Syncmaster 305T is highly recommended.

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