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Is Nokia 7705 Twist (Verizon Wireless) safe for home


The Good The Nokia Twist 7705 has a decent range of features, a handy keyboard, and great call quality.

The Bad The Nokia Twist 7705 has a polarizing design with a small display and a 2.5mm headset jack. The picture quality is poor, the frame size of the streaming video is low, and the volume of the calls may be louder.

The Bottom Line The sleek design of the Nokia Twist 7705 is not for everyone, but it showed decent features and good call quality. On the other hand, it is not a practical Internet or multimedia device.

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6.7 Overall

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance

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Nokia 7705 Twist

It is safe to say that we have never seen a phone like the Nokia 7705 Twist. Of course, we’ve looked at square phones before, and the rotary models were in style a few years ago; however, we never had to combine two design aesthetics on one device. We are not quite sure if this works – it is certainly unique, but it is inconvenient. Twist offers a wealth of features, decent performance and a nice keyboard for messaging and email; however, it cannot measure it as a multimedia phone. It’s available from Verizon Wireless for $ 99.99. With a $ 50 discount and a service contract.

As we said before, the 7705 Twist offers a unique design for a mobile phone. It’s perfectly square (2.71 inches by 2.71 inches by 0.59 inches), but the rounded corners allow it to look just a little less angular. We assume that you either love or hate the overall effect. On the one hand, it has a clean, minimalistic profile and a bit avant-garde, but some people may find its design to be stark, weird and uninspired. Indeed, the street is visible, but perhaps not for the right reasons. The Twist front cover is basic black, but you can use the purple or black battery cover (both included in the box). Closed, the phone slides easily into your pocket, and at 3.44 ounces, it doesn’t weigh you down. It also fits neatly into your hand.

It’s been quite a while since we looked at the turntable. In our opinion, they never really worked – it took a lot of effort to open some rotary models – but Nokia is never a company that shies away from contradictory designs. But in this case, we provide the requisite of Nokia to revive the long-dead trend. Not only can you open and close the 7705 Twist with one hand, but Nokia has also improved the design by moving the cut point from the center to one corner. At the moment, the mechanism is feeling strong, although we are concerned about its durability. After all, the Sony Ericsson W600i’s turntable had been around for a while, but it faded away after months of use.

Given the smaller size of the phone, we knew we didn’t expect much from the display. It’s too small (2.4 inches) to really support a full XHTML browser, but it offers 262,144 colors and decent (320×240 pixels) resolution. Its colors and graphics look sharp and the display is bright. It also has a landscape orientation that is rarely found outside the smartphone world. It doesn’t make much difference in use, except that it can show fewer lines of text than on similar phones with a vertical display. The menu is a mixed bag – although Verizon is (thankfully) moving away from its intricate standardized interface, the 7705 Twist still demonstrates some of its confusing organization. For example, the browser is still grouped in the Media Center submenu. The bottom of the display offers a number of customization options. You can change the highlight time, the font color on the home screen, the font size of the menu, and the font size for dialing.

The only physical control on the outside of the Twist is a square switch with a central OK button. The switch is raised and easy to use, even if it is smooth; it also serves as a shortcut to four user-defined functions. The other controls – two soft keys and a clear button – touch. They have a spacious layout, so we had no problems scrolling through the menus. We like that you can change their sensitivity and intensity and the vibration pattern. A series of silver silver Twist lunches completes its appearance. There is a 2.5mm headphone jack, Micro-USB port / charger, volume rocker, and microSD card slot. We prefer the 3.5mm headphone jack, but we are grateful to Nokia for accepting what is becoming the universal standard for connecting chargers.

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Another unique feature is the opening through the corner of the phone. It may be confusing at first, but it makes sense when you acknowledge that it serves as a support point for your phone. Called the “contact ring”, it lights up in multi-colored light when you receive a call from a contact in the Phonebook. Of course, this is bizarre, but it is the only seven-barrel in the whole tube. The back of the phone has a lens and camera flash. You have to open the phone to use the camera, but we like that the back of the rotating face serves as a large mirror for a self-portrait.

When you open the twist, you will see its full keyboard. Despite our initial skepticism, the keyboard was spacious and comfortable with tactile keys. Within minutes, we were shutting down and sending long messages with minor errors. Moreover, the handset is also wide enough to hold it in two hands when typing with your thumb. The letters divide the space by numbers and symbols, but this is not unusual. Its large space is conveniently located in the center of the bottom row. Next to the spacebar are a shift key, a return button, a function key to enter numbers in a message, and a return element.

We especially welcome the large number of shortcut keys. At the top of the keyboard you will find controls for the messaging program, music player, web browser, voice dialer, speaker and camera. The keys are quite spacious and located far enough from the bottom of the turntable. We also liked the special Next key (to move across different text fields) and character control. The latter acts as a shortcut for vibration mode.

On the other hand, we didn’t like the placement of alphanumeric keys. Although many phones place them on one side of the keyboard, a twist puts them right in the center. It’s not terribly awkward, but it did require some commitment. Moreover, the pound and star keys are placed on one side of the digits, not below them. We also prefer to see the Talk and End / Power keys on the front of the phone rather than confusing them with the keyboard. This means that you need to open the phone to answer and answer calls, and to switch the phone on and off.

The 7705 Twist has a phone book for 1,000 people with a number in each entry for five phone numbers, two email addresses, a street address and notes. You can also save a special emergency number. For further personalization, you can store subscribers in groups and combine them with a photo and one of 15 72-chord polyphonic ringtones. You can even assign a ring color to your friends. Twist’s unique feature is its Habitat mode. After selecting one of the two display themes (“urban” or “jungle”), your contacts will be represented by avatars in the order of the last person called. Click on each avatar to see a list of messages and calls between you and that contact.

Key features include calculator, calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, world clock, notepad, tooltip, tooltip calculator, instrument and currency converter, and speaker. You’ll also find speakerphone-independent dialing, Bluetooth, PC-to-PC synchronization, USB storage, text-to-speech, and VZ Navigator support.

In addition to streaming text and multimedia messaging, there are instant messaging and email. Access to POP3 email for accounts such as AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail is limited by the clunky web interface, but RemoSync offers access to send email from corporate accounts as well as synchronize calendar, notes and contacts. We tried to sync our work email and were mostly happy with the results. The initial synchronization took a few minutes, but after that the process went quite smoothly and you could see some email attachments. The service will cost you $ 9.99. US per month. We would prefer that such value be included in the monthly umbrella data plan. The same goes for Visual Voice Voice, which costs $ 2.99 per month. Add all these extra costs and you’ll get an expensive monthly plan. With this speed, it is best to buy a real smartphone with a comprehensive data plan.

How to EV-DO Rev. Phone 0, 7705 Twist supports the full range of 3G services from Verizon, including V Cast and V Cast Music video content with Rhapsody. Both the V Cast menu and the music store interface are almost unchanged from other Verizon phones. Player options include normal limited shuffle and repeat modes, but V Cast Music also recommends other songs based on your playlist. Twist includes airplane mode to listen to your tune while on air.

The Twist camera has a flash.

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The 7705 Twist has a 3MP camera. You can take photos in five resolutions from 2,048×1,536 pixels to 320×240 pixels. Editing options include three quality settings, self-timer, autofocus, three color tones, four white balance effects, landscape and portrait modes, brightness control, and three shutter sounds (plus the silent option). There is also a 4x digital zoom, although it is not suitable for use at the highest resolution. Twist has a flash that was brighter than we expected. You can always set it or only one frame. The quality of the photos was just average, unfortunately. The colors were dull and our images were a bit blurry.

We didn’t like the quality of the Twist photo.

The camcorder shoots clips with a resolution of 176×144 pixels. Its editing options are similar to a camera, though not as large. The flash will double as light when you record. Multimedia message clip tools are limited to 30 seconds; otherwise, you can shoot longer in standard mode. Video is what you expected – blurry with insufficient audio power. After completing the camera, you can save the transferred images and videos to Twist, or transfer them using messages, e-mail, Bluetooth, a memory card or a USB cable. Twist has 119 MB of integrated memory, but the microSD slot will hold cards up to 119 MB.

As mentioned, the 7705 Twist offers an XHTML browser that can display web pages in full view. It’s a good option, but the small Twist display doesn’t quite make the pages. Not only do you have to scroll a bit to see the full page, but you also have to move the pointer with the switch. We prefer to use a touch screen with such a web browser.

You can personalize your 7705 Twist with themes, wallpapers, clock formats and a banner. You can download more options and additional ringtones from Verizon. The unit comes with Ms. Pak Man and Tetris games. Additional Java Brew names are available for purchase.

We tested the dual-band (CDMA 800/1900) Nokia 7705 Twist in San Francisco with Verizon Wireless. The call quality was nice from our point of view. Our calls sounded natural, the signal was strong and had static or interference. Our main complaint was that the volume could be louder, though it should be great for most calls. The problem was only when we were calling near a busy street, for example, or at the airport. Twist is compatible with M4 and T4 hearing aids.

After all, our subscribers had few complaints. Several of them could not even say that we use a mobile phone. Volume was also a problem here, and some mentioned the background noise, but our friends were generally pleased. Calls to automated systems were equally good most of the time. Twist loudspeaker calls were somewhat less satisfactory. Its volume was louder than during normal calls, but the sound was slightly distorted. We also had to talk close to the phone and avoid using it in loud places. Bluetooth calls were great, though the quality may differ from the headset.

EV-DO Rev. Connection 0 suggested zippy data rate. Although we didn’t like using the browser, given our complaints, web pages still load quickly and with few hiccups. V Cast video also loads quickly and our videos never freeze or pause for buffering. The clips showed only a slight pixelation, and the sound matched the action on the screen. However, we were disappointed that the frame size did not use the full width of the display, especially in landscape orientation. Like most video phones, we didn’t want to watch a single clip for more than a few minutes. Browsing the online music store was also quick and painless. We downloaded the song 1.58 MB in less than a minute. The external speaker has a decent output, but our tunes were pretty sharp. The headset will offer a better experience.

Rated Twist 7705 battery life – 4.5 hours, standby time – 13 days. During our testing, we found that he had a talk time of 6 hours and 48 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, Twist has a digital digital SARof 0.70 watts per kilogram.

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