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Is LG Flatron W2053TQ good for work


The Good The LG Flatron W2053TQ’s environmentally friendly settings reduce power consumption and deliver decent movie and gaming performance.

The Bad The LGD Flatron W2053TQ’sOSD is too difficult to navigate, and the buttons are too sensitive. Also the only ergonomic option is tilting the screen.

The Bottom Line The LG Flatron W2053TQ has some useful power options but a poorly designed screen display.

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7.0 Overall

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Support

The LG Flatron W2053TQ is priced from $ 150 to $ 180. The monitor includes some useful eco-friendly options, and it has decent movie and gaming performance. Its matte screen also makes it easier to see darker details than the HP 2009m glossy and reflective screen. They are almost evenly matched in performance. However, HP is a bit cheaper and has a more intuitive on-screen display. So, we would recommend HP to those with a budget, while LG is the best choice for those who are concerned about power consumption.

Design and features
The LG Flatron W2053TQ has an attractive fingerprint, black in black, surrounding the 20-inch non-reflective, matte screen. 0.75-inch space on the right and left. The full width of the display is 19 inches, slightly longer than the 19.75-inch HP 2009m. The LG panel is 2.75 inches deep from the bezel to the back, and the bottom panel sits nearly 2.5 inches above the desktop. The glossy motif continues at the back of the monitor and includes an arched opening.

iPad 5 iPad 4
WiFi capacity and price 16GB;
16GB ($499), 32GB ($599), 64GB ($699), 128GB ($799)
WiFi and cellular 16GB;
16GB ($629), 32GB ($729), 64GB ($829), 128GB ($929)
Colors and material Black, white; aluminum
Dimensions 9.5 x 7.3 x 0.37 inches
Weight 1.44 pounds (Wi-Fi);
1.46 pounds (cellular)
Display 9.7 inch IPS;
2048×1536 pixels (264ppi)
Processor Dual-core A6X chip
GPU Quad-core graphics
Rear camera 5-megapixel camera;
1080p HD video
Front-facing camera 1.2-megapixel;
720p HD
Battery life Up to 10 hours Wi-Fi, 9 hours cellular
Connector Lightning
Special feature Touch ID Siri

The oval gloss stand has a size of 9.5 inches and a width of 7.25 inches. It shakes a bit when knocking on the sides, but not as hard as the HP 2009m does. The LG Flatron W2053TQ has the only ergonomic tilt of the rear angle of 15 degrees – the lack of rotation, rotation and height adjustment of the screen panel. DVI and VGA limited connection options are easily accessible because the monitor’s low profile neck is 2 inches away.

The bottom of the panel is 2.25 inches long, not counting the transparent 0.5-inch lip that hangs from it. On the right side of the lip is a wavy groove that reflects light from the red LED of the power button. The power button is located above the groove in the panel. To the left of the power button is a touch screen menu array. The array included six buttons: Smart, Fun, Menu, Engine / Down, Source / Up and Autoset. Pressing Smart opens an environmental menu that turns the ambient light sensor on / off, adjusts the car seat to dim the monitor while displaying a bright screen, and has a one or two-hour monitor shutdown timer setting. Fun has a wide 4: 3 mode for 4: 3 aspect ratio. Fun also has a photo effect option that lets you adjust the screen to three photo effects: Gauss Blur, Sepia and Monochrome. The Engine / Down button offers four presets: Cinema, Internet, User Defined, and Normal

The menu includes controls for brightness, contrast, and color temperature, including sRGB, which allow you to customize a specific color by changing the red, green, and blue values ​​separately. Sharpness control is also included to select from 10 levels. Adjusting it below Level 4, the websites looked rather blurry, but at higher levels the pages looked clear and crisp. We didn’t notice a difference in quality when adjusting sharpness during movies, but we recommend setting at least 5 for games.

Each OSD button is invisible, but touching any of the button names causes a red LED to light above the names. Touching the respective lights returns another menu; however, we are still in constant touch of names, waiting for the menu to appear. To change the brightness, we adhered to the awkward menu hierarchy. Press Menu to open the main menu and press Autoset to select brightness / contrast. The brightness and contrast sensors are aligned vertically, but you cannot drive them with the up and down arrows; instead, you need to use the Auto Backup buttons and then use the up and down arrows to change the value. We found this navigation unintuitive and awkward.

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Manufacturer Specifications:
Resolution: 1600×900 pixels
Pixel Response Rate: 2ms
Contrast Ratio: 50,000: 1 (dynamic)
Brightness: 300cd / m2
Connection: DVI, VGA
HDCP compatible? So
Video cables included? DVI
Backlight type: CCFL
Panel type: TN
Aspect Ratio: 16: 9

We tested the LG Flatron W2053TQ with its DVI connection. The display shows a composite score of 87 on CNET lab tests based on a 20-inch HP2009m 87 device. Both monitors handle text well; however, we found that HP runs at 9,500K better than 6,500K. White text on black looked great at 9,500K, but had a distracting yellowish tint at 6,500K. Conversely, text the LG looked better at 6500K, while at 9,500K the screen was too blue. In our color ramp tests that test the color band, HP was slightly better than LG, but no stellar indicator could indicate that both monitors may have color band problems in certain applications.

The W2053TQ reached a brightness of 270 cand. Per square meter (cd / m2) is lower than LG’s stated maximum of 300 cd / m2. The W2009m came out a little worse with a brightness of 255 cd / m2. During our test on the black screen, both monitors showed a strong backlight flowing into the upper and lower edges of the displays.

We watched “Kill Bill Vol. 1” on DVD and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of ghosts on both monitors in our test ghost scene – a closeup of the bride’s thumb. The colors looked rich, but didn’t have the pop we needed. Also, because of the backlight bleed, the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen distract the light. Unreal Tournament 3 looked pretty bright on both monitors; however, their relatively low brightness prevented the colors from influencing what you would like in the game. The game, however, is fast-paced, with no streaks, traces or pixel lag.

The optimum viewing angle for the monitor is usually directly in front, about a quarter of the screen down from the top. From this angle, you view the colors and gamut by destination. Most monitors are made for viewing only at this angle. The image quality at sub-optimal angle depends on the type of panel. Like most monitors, the LG W2053TQ uses a TN panel that gets too bright or too dark when viewed from sub-optimal angles. When we viewed the W2053TQ from the sides or from below, the screen seemed only a couple of inches darker than the optimum. From the sides, the text is still readable until it is approximately 80 degrees. When viewed from below, the text becomes indistinguishable by about 70 degrees, but it never gets too dark. Of course, when viewed from the optimum angle, we had no problems.

The LG W2053TQ’s standby power consumption tests have a significant power of 3.55 watts and its on / default power consumption was higher than we wanted for the 20-inch monitor. LG pulled out 37.21 watts in this condition, compared to the 21.5-inch Lenovo L215, which had only 28.17 watts. The HP 2009m received less than 30.55 watts in the On / Default state. However, when we turned on its eco settings, LG only improved its carbon footprint by 20.36 watts in the On / Default state. Based on our formula, the LG W2053TQ will cost $ 13.56 a year for normal operation and $ 8.54 a year with energy-saving features included. This compares to $ 8.93 a year from Lenovo and $ 9.46 from HP.

Juice box
LG Flatron W2053TQ Average watts per hour
On (default luminance) 37.21 (20.46 in eco mode)
On (max luminance) 37.21
On (min luminance) 16.66
Sleep 3.55
Calibrated (200 cd/m2) 28.9
Annual energy cost $13.56 ($8.54 in eco mode)
Score Fair

DisplayMate Tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)


Dell SX2210
94 Lenovo L215p
93 LG Flatron W2053QT
87 HP 2009m
Brightness in cd / m2
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

LG Flatron W2053QT
270 Dell SX2210
270 HP 2009m
255 Lenovo L215p”
Contrast ratio
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

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Dell SX2210
1,094:1 Lenovo L215p
968:1 HP 2009m
837:1 LG Flatron W2053QT

Learn more about how we test LCD monitors.

Service and support
LG supports the Flatron W2053TQ with a three-year part and a one-year backlit warranty. This is slightly smaller than other vendors, such as Dell, which typically offer backlight coverage for three years. The company offers repair work within two business days and pays for delivery of goods in both ways within one year. During the second and third years, the customer pays one way and LG pays the return freight. Internet and email chat are also supported, as is free phone support.

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