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Is LG Flatron L1960TR useful for work


The Good High contrast; HDCP ready; good design.

The Bad Wide screen; loses some detailed picture.

The Bottom Line Black Jewel’s super-high contrast and fast response time make it one of the best monitors for movies and games. It also looks great, but it is compounded by the lack of a widescreen screen and a slight loss of detail in almost white tones

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8.3 Overall

Keep the Home Page: There’s a new high contrast king, and it’s called the Flatron L1960TR, also known as the Black Jewel. While the average PC screen can produce a contrast ratio of about 700: 1, this 250-pound beast divides dark whites by as much as 3000: 1, potentially making it one of the best displays for moviegoers.

The LG design department deserves a pat on the back. It doesn’t always turn out right, but it does Fantasy series , and now the Flatron L1960TR show that it really came together.

The touch-sensitive power button and the accompanying v-shaped LED are particularly worthy of the mucous, as is the lower arrow-shaped panel and round main section, which have a glossy piano-black finish. There is no glossy cover on the panel and back of the monitor, but this is probably a good thing as there is no chance of storing unsightly fingerprints every time you touch it.

There is a touch power button, but you want to remove the unattractive sticker directly above it

There is a removable back panel on the back that prevents power and video cables from looking. There are cable hoops to secure the D-Sub and analog ports, though you won’t need them as the panel itself keeps cables from malfunctioning.

The image quality on the L1960TR is generally very good. We cast several films on it and were surprised at how black the black levels were and how bright the colors were. This, hands down, is the widest contrast we’ve seen on an LCD monitor. The color reproduction was also very good. The best results were achieved when watching the dark scenes, but we gave him some footage of Delia Smith slicing multicolored foods and almost tasting melons.

The monitor uses technology known as DFC or digital subtle contrast. This automatically adjusts the contrast depending on the type of image being displayed. You can also adjust the contrast levels manually or using one of the video modes preset. The monitor lets you apply each new setting to half the screen, leaving half of the previous mode so you can see how they compare.

The on-screen buttons are located on the side of the monitor, but the text of each button is difficult to read

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The L1960TR has a claimed response time of 2ms, which puts it there best with the best LCDs. Not surprisingly, it showed no tendency to blur when displaying fleeting images. We tested it with ice hockey games and videos, and it worked great. If you see a blur, it’s probably because you had too many chances.

LG has decided to install both D-Sub and DVI ports, giving you many options to choose how to connect to your computer. The DVI port also supports HDCP, which means that it can play copy-protected HD movies, provided you have an HDCP-enabled graphics card.

The biggest drawback of the L1960TR is that it is not a widescreen aspect ratio. Its SXGA 1,280×1,024-pixel resolution offers a 5: 4 aspect ratio, but it’s a pity since most movies use a widescreen aspect ratio – usually 16: 9.

The contrast of the monitor is extremely high – blacks are extremely black and whites are extremely white – but there is no detail in the colors that sit somewhere near the middle. In particular, white tones look like solid whites, but fortunately, blacks can still be distinguished, which is good news for those who like to notice the villains of the horror movie lurking in the shadows.

The monitor has a removable back panel that helps keep the cables neat, tidy, and inaccessible

LG has done a good job of making Black Jewelry as stylish as possible, but there are some trade-offs to its usability. Screen buttons are difficult to access from the side of the screen. Extending the neck to the side does not help much – the inscription accompanying each button inserted on the relief, so they are difficult to read.

Black jewelry is a wonderful item. Not only does it have a beautiful design, but its high contrast ratio and fast response time make it perfect for playing movies or games. The aspect ratio of 5: 4 and the fact that it loses detail in some light colors diminishes the appeal, but overall it is a great product.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Kate Maysfield

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