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Is HP W2007v useful for home


The Good Stylization; image quality

The Bad No DVI input; no webcam; no speakers.

The Bottom Line The HP W2007v is the perfect monitor for anyone on a budget. It lacks any interesting or useful features, but if you can live without unnecessary redundancy, it will be a great companion for your PC

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7.5 Overall

Last year, HP “made the PC again.” Positioning hyperbole aside, this meant redesigning their laptops with a more consumer-friendly look and pinning them off with a huge advertising campaign. This design strategy has now shifted to the HP TFT monitors presented here by the W2007v. This is a good, zero 20-inch display worth £ 169. Sounds great to those with little money to spit out, but does it make an estimate?

We cannot mistake the appearance of the W2007v. Its best features are a glossy frame with curved edges and a silver exterior panel that protrudes from above and below. The power button is at the top right of the monitor, not the front or side of the device. This makes it easier to search than if they were grouped with the rest of the OSD buttons that live at the bottom right.

The screen operates at a native resolution of 1680×150 pixels, which is par for the course on a 20-inch display. HP has decided to use a glossy, reflective exterior glass panel to enhance color appearance and contrast. This has a good effect – the contrast of the monitor seems to be higher than the 1000: 1 ratio.

The W2007v did well in our DisplayMate tests, showing the ability to distinguish between similar colors and tones. He only slipped when he couldn’t tell the difference between the different shades of pink – some of them just turned out to be the same “general” fuchsia.

Getting the best picture quality from your monitor is not too difficult. HP provides drivers and color profiles on the CD, and the on-screen menu is extremely easy to navigate. The menu button is clearly marked, and three others allow you to scroll up or down or select an option. This is not at all difficult compared to some screens.

HP gives a 5ms response to the W2007v, which again roughly matches the rate. We did not find any noticeable blurring or ghosts during high-speed scenes, so we are happy to recommend this screen to gamers or fighters. We threw several Premier League football shots at him and were pleased that the ball and players were in shape even when in fast motion.

However, the HP W2007v’s favorite thing is its price. For £ 169 (including VAT), it’s about as cheap a monitor as you’ll find on the Internet.

The reason for the low price of the monitor becomes apparent when you begin to browse its list of features – or lack thereof. Unfortunately, not enough connectivity, it only has an analog D-Sub port. Those of us who have digital DVI ports on our graphics cards will need a non-window adapter. Why HP released the DVI connection in the first place is beyond us – this kind of omission depends on being criminally insane.

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It’s consumer-oriented, but the W2007v lacks the bells that Joe Joe Tech would like. No integrated memory card reader, no integrated webcam. In fact, the only thing that integrates is the screen itself and two hidden speakers that have 2W of power.

Not surprisingly, HP did nothing fancy with the hinge mechanism. The screen can be tilted back and forth, but there is no height adjustment. Anyone interested in the most ergonomic typing position may need to place a monitor on a stack of books to bring it to eye level. Or reduce the height of your chairs by a few cuts.

Our last hobby is pre-set display modes. Pressing the + button on the front panel opens a shortcut menu that lets you switch to movie, photo, game, game, text and custom optimized modes. They probably make a slight difference, and probably most users are ignored.

The HP W2007v is a good looking, reliable 20-inch monitor. It has almost nothing in the way of additional features, but offers better image quality than it doesDell E207WFP. If you are in the market for something very cheap and definitely fun, look no further.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Nick Hade

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