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Is HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-In-One (B110) useful for office


The Good Painless Wi-Fi and email settings. Sending email to the printer most of the time. Cheap to buy.

The Bad A relatively expensive run. Blacks look green. Color prints and photo quality are not surprising.

The Bottom Line You can’t go wrong with the B110 in its price or in its painless setup and emailing process, but you can be mistaken for print.

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Printing is usually far from the mind of most technology enthusiasts. HP is hoping to change the old whimsical image of a paperback companion with the tough kids.

The Photosmart Wireless e-All-In-One (we’ll call it the B110 from now on) ticks the boxes and looks, plus it has a kind of touch screen. But it is the function of email printing that should make hipsters sit down and get attention. After setting up your printer, just send an email to the address you specified and review it. More on that later.

Look and feel

Piano-black finishing is the order of the day, with an interestingly attractive honeycomb pattern on the top all-in-one cover (printer, scanner, copier). Wi-Fi enabled, 802.11b / g / n, and weighs just over 6 kg when unpacked. There are also plenty of add-ons to keep your printer completely dark, although it’s rare at the time of listing.

Like other HP printers, the B110 comes with a reusable green package around the printer and a reusable bag for peripherals and cords. It’s a nice touch to borrow a little bit of the environment, but we can’t help but notice the excess amount of plastic packaging, foam and tape you need to replenish before you can use the printer in use – it’s not peculiar to HP because it’s endemic to printer manufacturers.

Initial set-up

Usually preparing the printer for closing it is simple but easy. Therefore, it is our great pleasure to announce that the B110 setup process is painless. Installing the software (Mac and Windows compatible drivers) takes about 10 minutes to unpack the printer, install four ink cartridges, and wait for it to grunt and warm up for the first time. Setting up Wi-Fi was very simple: the printer automatically detected the correct network.

Email me

You need to enter to set up an email printer and connect it to the Internet at all HP ePrint centre and log in and associate the printer with your account.

The first impressions are taken into account when it comes to electronic communication; and wouldn’t it be better if this first impression made an easy-to-remember printer alias, such as Study_Printer@hpeprint.com rather than 2342hp523fhaj@hpeprint.com? As far as we could tell, there is no way to make an alternate address; just to dump it into an equally tangled string of letters and numbers.

A snapshot of the HP e-printer interface.(Screenshot by CBSi)

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We can also guess the following that comes to mind when someone spells out the phrase “email”: spam. Fortunately, this is not a big deal, since the B110 e-printer interface can be configured to receive e-mail from all or only the allowed senders list.

Emailing documents and photos to a printer is easy, just send a blank message with a blank subject line to the address and attach a document or photo. Then, within 20 seconds (depending on the connection to the network), the printer ejects the physical physical content.

Print quality

For a $ 129 printer, you don’t expect too much in terms of print quality – and that pretty much sums up the machine. Small font sizes, specific spots and black colors are not particularly clear on plain paper. Photos on glossy paper look just a little better, with black shades of green. It takes 36 seconds for the standard 4×6 inch print to appear with the B110 when sent from a PC connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Running costs

The B110 runs on four ink cartridges (blue, magenta, yellow and black) for $ 19. Cost for printing – 6 cents for color page and 7 cents for black. The B110 can also use XL cartridges that are more expensive but have more page output.


The B110 does exactly what it says on the box – print from email – but unfortunately the print quality is only average, making it useful only for non-critical documents and images.

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