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Is Casio G’zOne Ravine good for work


The Good Casio G’zOne Ravine is a durable, durable phone that has military certification for beating. Features include special environmental enhancements, EV-DO Rev. A, Push-to-Talk, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera and more.

The Bad The Casio G’zOne Ravine has no external music player control or 3.5mm headset jack. The call quality was not as good as expected.

The Bottom Line The Casio G’zOne Ravine is a great all-around phone for outdoor enthusiasts, but the mixed call quality is disappointing.

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7.3 Overall

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance

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Casio G’zOne Ravine

Neglected phones and damaged handsets are not new to many mobile phone owners. This is why the Casio G’zOne range of phones have been so popular over the years; they are not only for those who have construction work, but also for those who want a reliable phone that won’t break with the drop of a cap. The latest Casio G’zOne Ravine is an update G’zOne Rock since last year, and it continues the trend of Casio military-certified strength. It also comes with exterior-friendly applications such as a compass, a tide chart, an astro calendar, and more. The ravine has a slightly better camera than the rock, but its functions remain largely the same. Call quality may also be better. It’s available for $ 149.99. After a $ 50 mail rebate and a new two-year agreement.

The overall collapse and volume of the Casio G’zOne ravine is similar to its predecessor, the G’zOne Rock. However, the front of the phone is a bit better stylized; The ravine has sloping edges that extend the length of the handset for a more streamlined look. We also think that the metallic red circle around the external display is a nice contrast to the mostly black phone.

Measuring 4.3 inches long by 2.1 inches wide by 0.9 inches wide, the gully was constructed from a sturdy plastic sheath. In fact, it complies with the military standards of 810G for resistance to water, shock, dust, immersion, vibration, salt fog, humidity, solar radiation, altitude and extreme temperatures. The result is a fairly voluminous phone with rubber stoppers in all its ports and a textured rubber back. The battery cover also has a locking mechanism to prevent damage to the inside of the phone.

Jaro Casio G’zOne has a military certificate to withstand the elements.

The above-mentioned external display is a 1.35-inch single crystal display. It shows the signal strength, battery life, date and time information, as well as any incoming calls or text messages. It also shows a track that is currently playing when the music player is active. You can also use it as a camera viewfinder, but it’s black and white and very pixelated, so we wouldn’t recommend this. You can change the clock format and want the background to be black or white. However, there is no external control of the music player on G’zOne Rock. You also cannot access Push-to-Talk contacts and applications when the phone is closed.

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Above the external display is a secondary microphone when you use Ravine as a ration device. Inside the red circle there is also an LED charge indicator. On the left spine – voice command key, volume rocker, red key and 2.5mm headset jack. The voice command key also acts as the lower side key to unlock the external display. The red key performs push to talk when PTT is activated, but you can map it to any shortcut while the phone is in the standby mode. The charging port is to the right of the spine. On the back is a camera lens and an LED flash. You can also use the LED as a flash. To get to the microSD card slot, you need to remove the battery.

The ravine has a very strong hinge that locks and locks in place when you open it or close it. When opened, you will see a 2.2-inch 65,000 TFT color display. It may not be as rich as the 262,000 color screen, but we’ve really found that the 240×320 pixel display is pretty sharp and colorful for the most part. You can adjust the screen backlight time, menu layout, font size of both the set and menu fonts, as well as the clock format.

Below the screen is a navigation array consisting of two soft keys, a round button with a middle selection key, a camera key and a speaker / flashlight key. The up, left, and down directions can be displayed in three user-defined functions, while the right arrow opens the My Shortcuts dialog with four more user-defined shortcuts. Under the navigation array, there are also the regular Send, Clear, and End / Power keys. The Clear button doubles as a shortcut to the G’zGear suite of programs. The general keyboard displays the geometric appearance of the phone. The keys are raised and have an angular shape, which makes it easy to find them.

G’zOne Ravine has a phone book with 1,000 entries, each with four numbers, two email addresses, an instant message name, and a street address. You can also add up to 500 Push-to-Talk requests with multiple contacts. As always, you can add your contacts to groups, associate them with a photo for a caller ID, and match them to any of 12 polyphonic ringtones. A few more basic features include vibration mode, loudspeaker, text and multimedia messages, calculator, calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, world clock, notepad and the aforementioned flashlight capability.

For the slightly more authorized client, Ravine also has voice command support, mobile chat (Windows Live, Yahoo and AOL), wireless web browser, Bing search, and three email options: mobile email, corporate email, and mobile email. Mobile e-mail is a program that allows you to receive e-mail directly from your provider, be it a web service such as Yahoo or your own POP / IMAP server. The corporate email option uses RemoSync to synchronize your company’s email, contacts and calendar through Exchange. Last but not least, the mobile webmail option simply opens a browser with links to popular webmail services such as Hotmail and AOL Mail.

Completing Ravine features: USB storage, Push-to-Talk, GPS with built-in VZ Navigator, and Bluetooth profiles for headset, hands-free, dial-up, stereo (A2DP), phonebook access, basic printing, and press o vCard. Ravine also adds Verizon’s Social Beat program, which gives you quick access to your favorite social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and various other news feeds. Like other Verizon Push-to-Talk phones, Ravine is compatible with Field Force Manager, a resource management tool that helps businesses keep in touch with mobile field workers. Ravine also supports mobile broadband, which means you can use it as a modem when connected to your computer.

One of the features that makes G’zOne Ravine a real phone for street-goers is the G’zGear suite of applications. It includes seven pre-installed programs: a compass, a pedometer / pedometer, a Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer, a tidal flow chart complete with optimal fishing times, a Sunsete Sunset application, an astro calendar that displays the moon cycle, and Star Gazer – an app that displays the stars in the sky and names the constellations. All accessories are specially designed for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping and stars.

Since Yar comes with EV-DO Rev. A, you will not be stuck without entertaining options when outdoors. This allows access to Verizon broadband applications such as V Cast Video , its streaming service, and Rhapsody’s V Cast Music, which lets you buy and download live music for about $ 1.99 a song. As for the music player, it has the same appearance of V Cast Music, so in our opinion it is not very beautiful. However, it has all the basic functions of a music player – repeating, moving, and being able to create and edit playlists on the fly. The music player supports MP3, WMA, non-secure AAC and AAC + format. You can add music via USB sync, microSD card, or download. If you synchronize it with V Cast Music on your PC with Rhapsody, you can also download the download signature on Rhapsody. The phone supports up to 32GB of external storage.

The Casio G’zOne Ravine has a 3.2 megapixel camera and LED flash on the back.

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We are pleased to see that the Ravine has a 3.2 megapixel camera, which is a slight upgrade over the 2 megapixel Rock model. The 3.2 megapixel camera can shoot in six resolutions (2,048×1,536, 1,600×1,200, 1,280×960, 640×480, 320×240, 160×120), five white balance presets and six color effects. Other camera settings include self-timer, flash, brightness, shutter switch, multi-shot and night mode. The quality of the photo was pretty good, but we think it might be better. The images looked clean and clearly defined, but we thought the colors looked a bit washed out. The flash helped make the light brighter, but the overall lighting was harsh. The built-in camcorder can record video at 320×240 resolution in 60 seconds for MMS or 60 minutes for storage.

The quality of the Casio G’zOne Ravine photos was just fine.

You can customize G’zOne Ravine with wallpapers, display themes, alert tones, and your own graphics and sounds. You can get more of them, as well as games and apps, at Verizon’s Get It Now store.

We tested the G’zOne ravine in San Francisco using Verizon Wireless . The call quality is ambiguous. After all, we had no problem hearing our subscribers – they sounded loud, clear and natural. There was little quality in their voices, but it wasn’t very good.

The quality of their end, however, was different. Although they could hear us loud and clear, they said that our voice sounded very harsh; as if it were over-processed. They also found a small fraction of static. Fortunately, the calls from the speakers were not much worse. They could hardly say that we were on the loudspeaker most of the time.

The audio playback quality was surprisingly good from the speakers as well. You certainly won’t get much bass, but it wasn’t as subtle as we expected. However, we recommend that you use the headset for optimum sound quality. It’s too bad that the G’zOne Ravine doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

EV-DO Rev. The speed was pretty good. We downloaded the song 2.05 MB in 45 seconds and it took about 49 seconds to download the CNET mobile page. We only had a few seconds of buffering time when broadcasting the video on V CastVideo. The video quality is not very good – it was cloudy and pixelated, especially when there were many action sequences.

G’zOne Ravine’s battery life has 5 hours of talk time and 3.33 days if you assume Push-to-Talk is active. Our tests showed a talk time of 5 hours 22 minutes. According to the FCC, Ravine has a digital SAR of 0.53 watts per kilogram.

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