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Is BenQ G2400W safe for work


The Good Design; value.

The Bad Average color reproduction; lack of physical flexibility.

The Bottom Line This is by no means the best 24-inch monitor in the world, but the BenQ G2400W is an exceptional value for money, and those who have shallow pockets will appreciate what they get for the price

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7.5 Overall

Today, people will not take you seriously if you have a large screen. The absolute minimum is 20 inches, speeds of 22 and 24 inches are becoming the norm. BenQ is proud of one of our favorite manufacturers in the 24-inch category thanks to it FP241W , and now he’s trying to seduce the rest of the world with his latest effort, the G2400W. It’s simple, attractive and costs just £ 250. Are these ideas for a serious monitor envy?

Right next to the mouse, the G2400W is an impressive monitor. Not because it packs any crazy aesthetic features, but because it’s simple and nonsense-free. The minimalist style really appeals to us, especially on the all-black model. The liner is thin, there are no fashionable glossy pieces: the whole thing is simply beautifully presented. It also comes in silver, but we would only follow this model if you needed it to fit your living room – and your home – a spaceship.

Both HDMI and D-Sub ports are installed, as is the DVI port (not shown)

Given that this is half the price of the other 24-inch monitors, the G2400W specification impressed us. It works with a WUXGA resolution of 1 920×1200 pixels, giving you plenty of space to play on-screen documents. The 5ms response time is not the lowest we’ve seen, but it’s attractive enough not to cause ghosts or blur. Of course, we didn’t see any of the films we were exposed to.

The bottom side of the G2400W has three types of video connectors. The D-Sub analog port will be useful for anyone who has an older video card or laptop with an analog port. Those with newer laptops or desktops will appreciate Vista and HDMI ready DVI ports, so they will accept encrypted HDCP Blu-ray or HD DVD movies.

Being a BenQ monitor, the G2400W has the company’s patented “Senseye + Photo” technology. This changes your monitor settings to get the best picture depending on what you do at any given time. Modes include Standard, for daily use; Movie, for watching fixes; and Photo, which will come in handy when you look at Facebook party photos. The fourth mode, Dynamic, does its best to automatically switch between the other three modes, though it didn’t work particularly well.

The G2400W provides good image quality. He passed our DisplayMate tests – a virtual attack course for monitors – without problems. The color separation was as good as one would expect from a modern monitor, as was the gray scale reproduction.

The G2400WA does not cost very much and is shown in the specifications. Most of all, the contrast ratio is a meager 1000: 1. Although we shouldn’t complain too much – it’s not as if the images on the G2400WA were grayed out – the difference in brightness between black and white is not as good as on other monitors. Note to BenQ: LG is turning off monitors with help 10,000: 1 contrast ratio and although the numbers are not everything, consumers take note.

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The on-screen control buttons are located below the bottom panel, making them difficult to use

Although the color separation on the G2400WA is solid, the actual color gamut – here’s the amount of color it can display – is not going to differentiate between your sunrise yellow and your golden poppy. Standing next to the Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP, the colors look like pale imitations of what they should be. Everything is less impressive – it’s almost like watching a fireworks squat.

At 24 inches, the G2400WA is a great size, but it never fits the king of hearts

The physical flexibility of the G2400WA is also not that hot. It can’t be height-adjustable, so you’ll have to line up with the height of your chair or desk or place your monitor on a stack of magazines so that it sits at the right height. It is also impossible to rotate it to portrait, but it can be tilted back and forth.

This is by no means the best 24-inch monitor in the world, but the G2400WA is an exceptional value for money. If you can’t afford to spend over £ 400 on your Dell 2408WFP, then do it, but those with smaller wallets will appreciate what they get with the G2400WA.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Shannon Doubleday

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