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HP Sprocket Photo Printer characteristics


The Good The HP star is extremely easy to use and prints directly from your phone. Image editing tools are fun to do otherwise.

The Bad Print quality is average, and the cost of replacement paper can add up quickly.

The Bottom Line If you can afford the up-and-coming and ongoing expenses and don’t want to hang up in the museum, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer is an easy and enjoyable way to get photos from your phone.

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Like other digital cameras, I would threaten that most of the photos you take with your phone never make their way into print. It’s a shame, because your photos (or at least some of them) should be visible, not just in the gadget’s memory.

HP Zprocket HP Photo Printer lets you display your work quickly and easily to the world. It’s small enough to carry around in your bag, you don’t have to worry about ink cartridges, and the internal battery lets you print anywhere to get photos right away.

Don’t just text your photos, print them with HP’s Sprocket

As for the size of the card deck, the star is smaller and lighter (6 ounces) than most phones you will print from. It is covered with smooth plastic skin that comes in either black or white. Management is also minimal. There’s just a power button, a battery indicator, and a port for a USB charging cable.

The setup couldn’t have been easier when I used it with mine iPhone 6 . Just charge the star, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth or NFC, and download the free Sprocket app (available for both iOS and Android). You can then print pictures directly from your phone’s camera camera or connect to your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr accounts. From the application, you can even edit pictures with effects such as graphics, frames, text and filters before printing. This is a welcome note on an otherwise purely practical gadget. You can also share pictures via text or email directly from the application.

Edit your photos before you print on the Sprocket’s mobile app.

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Printing each wallet-sized photo takes about 40 seconds and happens so silently, I wasn’t sure what it was even. Print quality through Zink Zero Paint is just an average grade; I saw the lines in most prints and the colors were muted. But, really, what do you expect from something so small? No, I wouldn’t use a star to show off vacation photos or weddings, but it’s perfectly fine to have some fun with your phone. And you never have to replace the ink cartridge.

HP sells the star for $ 129.99, £ 99, or about $ 179 (no official prices in Australia). In the box you get 10 sheets of printer paper, each of which doubles as a sticker when you peel it from behind. Considering that HP sells high-end desktop printers for less, you pay a premium for a gadget that doesn’t look like a toy. I would say you need to use a lot to get your money’s worth, but the extra photo paper costs $ 10 (£ 10 or about $ 14) for a pack of 20 sheets. But if the star fits your budget, it is easy to get carried away and you have to do it. Polaroid sells a similar product called the Zip at the same price but with a couple of extra features and cheaper paper replacement.

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