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Compaq Q2009 LCD Monitor specification


The Good Inexpensive. Includes integrated speaker. 30 degrees tilt.

The Bad The image quality is very ordinary. Speaking of the usual, say hello to the speakers.

The Bottom Line HP’s 20-inch budget line monitor delivers no unpleasant surprises. You just get what you pay for.

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7.7 Overall


HP’s Compaq Q2009 design is extremely pedestrian, but you might hope it applies to a monitor in this price range. Its 20-inch LCD sits in a slightly rounded panel with controls on the bottom right. The stand is small, squat and plastic with a total tilt range of 30 degrees – 5 degrees forward and 25 back. As with the recently revised HP 2309m, the monitor sits low enough in the middle desk, and for most office work situations, it’s a good idea to place it on a thick phone book to make sure you don’t tilt your neck down at a clumsy angle. At the very least, it will help you to use phone books in this day and age, which is nice.


The Q2009’s 20-inch LCD panel has a top resolution of 1600×900 with a stated contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a brightness of 300cd / m². The refresh rate is set to 5ms, which very clearly indicates it as a performance screen, not a game or video. This is an observation that is confirmed by the fact that the Q2009 has only two inputs – and one of them is intended for sound. This is a D-Sub monitor only, which means that it will never be the most exciting in terms of visual fidelity.


The Q2009 shares a similar layout to the HP 2309m menu, meaning that it uses one button to display either the view modes, volume level, or correction menu, with the other buttons used to perform up, down, and select tasks. This is undoubtedly a cheaper way to hook up a set of buttons for HP, but in the end we find it a little tricky to use, since you have to do extra button presses for simple tasks like choosing audio.

There is a simple word on the sound front that can be used to describe the Q2009 lower speaker: tinny. For website sounds and a weird bit of YouTube browsing, it may just be passable, but it’s not suitable for any nuanced music or game features.

Because of D-Sub, we didn’t expect Q2009 to do much to impress us with DisplayMate tests, and it really didn’t happen. The colors were not particularly clear, and the gray reproduction was a bit low, but to expect something else would be unrealistic. Game and video tests have given us the same kind of turbid prediction, but again this will be the same as the course for this type of communication. This is certainly not achievable, but there are many better panels out there, usually with higher starting RRPs.

Q2009 is an absolute case of getting what you pay for. If you need a screen to correct yourself before reading text or browsing the web, this is a good task. If you want to play video, games, or true color play, this task is no good, and the price is quite right.

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