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Canon PIXMA MG7160 specs


The Good Fast text printing. Simple touch interface.

The Bad Small paper trays. Ink is estimated to exceed the purchase price.

The Bottom Line The Canon PIXMA MG7160 offers mostly fast performance, but like most inkjet printers, you should be careful about using ink.

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Canon’s multifunctional design is relatively low profile, in that they are laid out in plain black, fingerprint-prone plastic, and that they are relatively flat. It measures design height of only 148 mm and 8.2 kg, which makes it easy to place or move anywhere.

The PIXMA MG7160 uses a touch screen with illuminated panels for context-sensitive buttons. It’s a smart system that still pushes you to the 3.5-inch color LCD, which is also touch sensitive.

The MG7160 covers the basics of a multifunctional device. You get print, scan and copy, but you don’t send a fax question if you look at it from a business perspective.

Canon’s big move with the MG7160 is that it is the fastest jet stream in its particular class, although direct comparison is a complicated business. Most vendors rate their devices using page-per-minute metrics that can really be rubbery, while Canon has used image per minute (ipm) for the past few years.

As a rule, we have determined that Canon ipm ratings are more reflective in real use than figures in ppm. Canon specs suggest that the MG7160 can control 15ipm in black and 9.7ipm in color, and print photos 4×6 inches in about 21 seconds.

From a network point of view, the MG7160 supports both Ethernet and Wi-Fi (b / g / n) compatibility with Cloud Cloud Canon, which uses Google Cloud Print services, enables almost any device to print to the MG7160 .

Like all printer manufacturers, Canon sells the MG7160 cheap – technically it does not have an RRP in Australia, as Canon does not provide it, but makes its money in ink jet. Here you can buy both conventional and high performance cartridges.

We saw regular black cartridges on the Internet for about $ 18. Canon’s expectation is that they should be around 300 pages good, leading to an estimated cost of 6c per page. A high-performance version of the same cartridge costs about $ 22 with a 500 percent page yield, which reduces the estimated page value to 4.4c. A full set of cartridges, if you only bought regular versions for the output, will quickly exceed the likely cost of buying the MG7160, but again this is not new.


The setting of the MG7160 is clearly controlled, right down to the on-screen prompt, if you leave any of the orange fastening tape on the printer. This is a somewhat lengthy procedure, but requires six individual ink cartridges, many paper calibrations and, in our tests, firmware updates to be installed before printing.

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To check the print speed, we connected via USB; although it’s less convenient than the Wi-Fi we’ve tested for usefulness, it also reduces network overhead, which can change the speed of pages.

The MG7160 bypassed one full-page black cover in 12 seconds and fell just short of the Canon mark, averaging 13 pages per minute. In addition, color printing is slightly less than the mark – usually around 7 ppm. This is closer than many other jet tools that meet the manufacturer’s claims.

It couldn’t match the 4×6 inch photos, where Canon offers a print speed of about 21 seconds. In our tests, we couldn’t get close, because photos usually take about 45 seconds to print. The only big side is that the quality of the photo was excellent for each print.


This is a true sign of the time when sellers sell products of this quality for less than $ 200. The Canon PIXMA MG7160 is a great printer for most home users and SOHO users, though, as with all inkjet cartridges, it is not about the first purchase price as much as the current price of the ink.

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