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Canon Pixma MG6150 review


The Good Excellent black print quality Excellent photo print quality. Intuitive and smooth touch panel. CD / DVD printing.

The Bad Very slow print speed. The productivity of iPhone / iPad applications is mixed.

The Bottom Line The Canon Pixma MG6150 is a slow multifunction printer, but the print quality and ease of use make it the all-in-one you should expect.

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The PIXMA MG6150 is a large multifunctional feature of glossy piano-black plastic that uses many touch controls, which naturally makes it something of a blur magnet. Its three-inch LCD screen looks like a terribly small set at the top of the 470x368x173mm printer body, but when you turn it on, the touchpad at the bottom, which runs the length of the printer, lights up. This makes the selection quick for any given task; and since the display shows only the appropriate options, depending on the context of the menu you are currently in, it is also very easy to know the flow of menu commands.


The multifunctional aspects of the MG6150 include scanning with a 4800x4800dpi scan head, copying through the same mechanism, and printing; Fax is a noticeable feature in absentia, but we see fewer multifunction features with fax built in these days, at least in the consumer / SOHO space.

The MG6150 prints from six color inkjet jars on plain paper, photo materials and directly onto CDs and DVDs, giving it great operational flexibility. Connections are made via USB or 802.11n Wi-Fi, and it’s compatible with Canon Easy Photo Print App for iPhone and iPad. This is not as complete as the HP ePrint solution we saw on the site Envy 100 and the Photosmart B110 .


In one key aspect, the MG6150 does not work the way we wanted it to. In particular, Canon estimates the print speed to be relatively stable in black and white at 12.5 per second. IPM numbers should be more in line with real print speeds, or at least that is theory. Printing a standard document on the MG6150 over Wi-Fi, it managed to spit out one page in 18.26 seconds and a total of 5 pages per minute, well below the stated specifications. Even the transition to draft mode didn’t make much difference: the first page appeared in 12.02 seconds, and the total number of 7 pages appeared in a minute.

In other words, if you are an impatient type, this is not multifunctional for you. On the other hand, if you are concerned with quality, it is well worth considering. Normal coverage was closer to laser quality than we’ve ever seen from inkjets, and even the coating project was generous and easy to read with very little typographic distortion. The same quality was reflected in 4×6 inch photo prints that came out bright and bright on our tests.

We’re having trouble downloading the Canon Easy Photo Print application to communicate with the MG6150 with iPhone 3GS and iPad. The printer was detected and the interface allows much more customization than HP’s ePrint solution, but when it came to printing time, we were near completion, and the printer indicated that it was processing the file, and then it would spit out a blank 4×6-inch, and the application indicates a loss of communication with the printer each time. We couldn’t tell if it was a printer problem, a phone or a wireless problem, but we would definitely advise you to be careful if this is a great selling point for you. Of course, we were disappointed.


Our annoyance with the Easy Photo Print, the MG6150 offers excellent print quality for both documents and photo printing. As long as you have the patience for its rather ugly printing style, it’s a great printer.

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