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BenQ G2220HD characteristics


The Good Useful DVI and VGA inputs; excellent color characteristics.

The Bad Horrible menu controls; no HDMI port; no speakers.

The Bottom Line For those with a limited budget, the BenQ G2220HD will turn out to be a great 1080p monitor for no more than what you would pay for a smaller, lower resolution 10: 10 monitor. Unfortunately, the HDMI port and speakers are missing, but the color reproduction of the monitor is very good

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7.5 Overall

The BenQ G2220HD is a high-quality, 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor. It has a basic set of features and offers neither an HDMI port nor a speaker, but it represents a very good value for money, while its slim panel and tasteful design consider it a low price of around 120 pounds.

Feature shortfall
This 16: 9 monitor is one of the least expensive ways to get 1080p content displayed on your desktop PC. But while the G2220HD has enough style and quality to satisfy the casual user, it does miss out on some notable features.

It is extremely compact for such a high-resolution screen and light enough to easily pick up and move. It comes with dual DVI and VGA inputs, but importantly, it lacks an HDMI port, which would make it useful as a second display for a gaming console or Blu-ray player when in use. It also lacks speakers, another factor that helps to reduce the size and weight of the monitor down, and the panel is extremely thin. The G2220HD comes with a basic suspension bracket without height or rotation. There are also no premium features such as USB ports or ambient light sensors.

Spot-on colours
The image quality of the G2220HD is generally quite impressive, although we did notice a moderate bleeding backlight during our testing when displaying dark images. We’ve certainly seen monitors that have a worse backlight bleeding problem, but we’ve also seen a lot that don’t suffer as much in this regard. The color response of the monitor, on the other hand, is really good and there is very little adjustment during the calibration process. This results in vital tones of meat and natural photos and videos.

The controls in the lower right corner of the G2220HD can be unpleasant to use, but the overall design of the monitor is delicious

BenQ calls its Senseye + Photo image processing technology. Five preset views are available. The “standard” mode is apparently intended for reading novels, while BenQ suggests using the “movie” mode for a movie night, which is perhaps quite ambitious for a 21.5-inch screen. Dynamic mode enhances and enhances the image for viewing in a bright environment, while the “Photo” mode is specifically for photo viewing. There is also a ‘sRGB’ mode for primary color matching with other sRGB enabled devices, including printers. This monitor is definitely capable of delivering impressive results, despite its low cost.

Unfortunately, these monitor settings are controlled by a number of control buttons located at the bottom of the panel. The little legends are printed above, but they are hard to read, which makes the whole adjustment process quite unpleasant if you don’t work in bright conditions, and in this case they are easier to read. Light controls would be much more useful, but also more expensive. Fortunately, the menus themselves are quite simple, and you can easily navigate Senseye + Photo modes without entering the menu by pressing the middle control button several times.

As with all 1080p monitors of this size, screen elements such as text can often seem very small. If you are planning to buy a monitor mainly for work purposes but still want to have 1080p resolution, consider using a 23-inch or 24-inch model that offers the same definition, but with larger pixels. You can also access the 22-inch 16:10 panel. Such a monitor usually offers a screen with a resolution of 1,680×1,050-pixels with a lower resolution, which should also be more readable.

If you have a 1080p budget display, you can do a lot worse than the BenQ G2220HD. It does not compromise on quality, although you will have to do without an HDMI port and useful accessories such as speakers. You may also want to consider switching to a larger model to improve readability.

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