Review of Dell SX2210 


The Good The Dell SX2210 has very good movie and gaming performance, sophisticated on-screen displays, DVI and HDMI, as well as four USB ports.

The Bad The connection options of the Dell SX2210 are difficult to access and lack the ergonomic options.

The Bottom Line The Dell SX2210 is the price of a 16: 9 monitor with high performance and plenty of features to satisfy most.

7.8 Overall

The Dell SX2210 is a 21.5-inch 16: 9 monitor that helps gamers and movie viewers find a monitor that doesn’t take up too much space on the desktop. You can buy the SX2210 online from Dell for $ 270. Although we didn’t care for its gorgeous white back panel design, we were impressed with the overall performance, including both DVI and HDMI connections, as well as a robust OSD. The display has no height adjustment and panel rotation, but it does offset the built-in webcam and four USB ports. Looking at some competitors, we will notice that the $ 250 Lenovo L215p includes screen rotation, but lacks DVI port and slightly worse movie performance, while the $ 249 Dell G2210 has better movie performance and less power consumption than both , but does not include as many features. While you can’t go wrong with either the L215p or the SX2210, if you can afford to spend a little more, we recommend the Dell SX2210 over the Lenovo L215p because of the inclusion of DVI.

Design and features
The 21.5-inch Dell SX2210 white back is the first detail we’ve come to notice, and although it stands out among the sea of ​​black monitors, we prefer the glossy black look of the Lenovo L215p. The SX2210’s black, matt panel measures 0.9 inches to the right and left and 1.5 inches to the bottom with the silver Dell logo raised. In the middle of the top panel is an integrated 2 megapixel webcam. The panel is a bit 1.5 inches thick (by comparison, most of the 22 inch models we tested have a panel depth just above an inch); however, the back of the display, which has connection options and a ventilation system, expands another 2 inches or so, providing a full depth of monitor of up to about 3.5 inches. The panel width is 20.75 inches, which is roughly the average for a monitor this size of screen.

The oval-shaped stand has a unique design and is reminiscent of the foot in its weight. It measures almost 8.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches wide. The foot rest is 0.2 inches short. When knocking on the sides, the 10-pound display oscillates and slides considerably, but not before we feel it is in danger of tipping over thanks to a flat stand. The bottom of the panel is located about 2.4 inches from the desktop, but unfortunately this screen height is not adjustable, and there is no possibility of rotation or rotation – useful if you prefer portrait mode. The ability to tilt the screen back 25 degrees is the only ergonomic feature.

Dell includes DVI, HDMI and VGA connectivity options. However, the ports are located directly behind the neck of the display, making it uncomfortable when trying to access them. With an HDMI port, owners of Blu-ray players and consoles can connect the monitor directly to their devices. The display includes three USB connections below and one USB output stream. The port also has audio output and audio to directly connect the display to an external audio device, but the speakers are not included.

The display screen matches the latest stellar, unlabeled Dell design, most recently on the G2210 and SP2309W. Four buttons align the bottom right corner of the panel. Pressing any of the buttons brings up an on-screen menu that pops up parallel to the array of buttons, and each option corresponds to one of four buttons. As soon as a new menu appears, the button function changes dynamically as the top two buttons become the up and down arrow buttons used to navigate the recently displayed menu. Because any button labels – which would be on the panel on a different display – are actually on screen for the OSD, calibrating the display in a dark room has proven to be painless.

OSD options include standard brightness, contrast, and different color settings. The previous settings are divided into two categories: Graphics and Video. There are six graphic presets to choose from: Standard, Multimedia, Gaming, Warm, Cool, and of course, Special. Embedded videos: Movies, Games, Sports & Nature. The presets change nothing but the balance of red, green and blue, and how well each parameter works will be subjective. There are options for adjusting the hue and color saturation in addition to options such as adjusting the screen to stay on the screen for a minute – useful for those who spend a lot of time calibrating.

16: 9 aspect ratio The Dell SX2210 supports a native Full HD resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels. This continues the trend of more monitor vendors moving up to 16: 9 from 16:10, as high-definition content, including 1080p movies, can fit on a screen of 1 920×1,080 pixels without distorting the image.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Resolution: 1,920×1,080
Pixel Response Rate: 2ms
Contrast: 1000: 1
Brightness: 300cd / m2
Connection: VGA, DVI, HDMI 1.3
HDCP compatible? So
Video cables included? VGA, DVI
Panel Type: TN
Backlight: CCFL

We tested the Dell SX2210 with its DVI connection. The display shows a composite score of 94 on CNET ‘DisplayMate labs based on performance tests L215p’s 93 for the smallest allowances, but not overall for the Dell G2210 97.

The DisplayMate SX2210 and L215p are tested almost exactly the same. Both achieved near-perfect scores in our color tests, but each had problems with the color-tracking test, which shows how accurately the monitor can repeat the gray scale. Both the SX2210 and L215p gray scale images had a slight greenish tint that did not make them perfect. During our dark screen test, the backlight was visible at the top and bottom edges of both screens, suggesting that the screens would not be able to display deep blacks during movie playback (see below).

The SX2210 reached a brightness of 270 cand. Per square meter (cd / m2) – lower than the declared Dell 300 cd / m2 max. Its test contrast ratio was higher than the 1000: 1 claimed by Dell and was 1.094: 1.

We used the pre-installed movie SX2210 to check the movie “War of the Worlds” (“WotW”) on DVD and “House of Flying Daggers” (“HoFD”) on Blu-ray. At WotW, we saw higher color quality than the L215p, where the colors were slightly washed in DVD movies. Although the SX2210 blacks – the most important attribute for good movie playback – were not as deep as the G2210 (backlight bleeding was noticeable in the top and bottom edges of the display), they were darker than the L215p. In “HoFD” we saw a fairly accurate color, but those deep blacks that we liked on the Dell G2210, have never been noticed. The image quality was as good as on the G2210, as the subtitles looked sharp rather than blurry than the L215p.

We previewed the Crysis game on the SX2210 in its pre-installed game and saw a clear, ghost-free picture during fast moving.

The optimum viewing angle for the monitor is usually directly in front, about a quarter of the screen down from the top. From this angle, you view the colors and gamut by destination. Most monitors are not considered in any other angle. Image quality varies in sub-optimal angles depending on the type of panel. Most monitors use TN panels that are too bright or too dark on parts of the screen when viewed from sub-optimal angles. The Lenovo L215p uses a TN panel, and when viewed from the sides or from below, we perceive the screen to darken and the gamut to shift about 6 inches from the center. Of course, when viewed from the optimum angle, we had no problems.

Brightness in cd / m2
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Gateway HD2201 22 ”
292 Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ
280 Dell SX2210 21.5″
270 ViewSonic VX2255wm FuHzion 22 ”
266 Lenovo L215p 21.5 ”
249 Dell G2210 22″
245 Viewsonic VLED221wm 22 ”
Contrast ratio
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Dell SX2210 21.5″
1,094:1 ViewSonic VX2255wm FuHzion 22 ”
1,057:1 Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ
1,024:1 Dell G2210 22″
1,009:1 Lenovo L215p 21.5 ”
968:1 Gateway HD2201 22 ”
856:1 Viewsonic VLED221wm 22 ”
DisplayMate Tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Dell G2210 22″
97 Dell SX2210 21.5″
94 Lenovo L215p 21.5 ”
93 Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ
89 Viewsonic VLED221wm 22 ”
86 ViewSonic VX2255wm FuHzion 22 ”
85 Gateway HD2201 22 ”

Learn more about how we test LCD monitors.

Service and support
Dell supports the SX2210 with a solid warranty, including three-year parts and a backlighting workforce. It also offers 24-7 toll-free support, 24-7 web chat, and 24-48-hour fast email rotation – a better package than most monitor providers, which usually do not cover weekends. Navigating the Dell Web site and finding drivers, guides, and quick guides was easy and easy.

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