LG Prada Phone specs specification


The Good Fashionable styling and fresh figure; Smooth performance and intriguing Android skin; Like a bright NOVA screen.

The Bad Needs an ice cream sandwich upgrade; low resolution of processor and screen; The build quality is not premium.

The Bottom Line The LG Prada Phone is a promising fashion phone that should appeal to its crowd (but maybe not IT crowd), its attractive design and unique Android skin. It’s expensive, given its features, and the design lacks luxury, but there is still plenty to enjoy.

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7.5 Overall

The third LG Prada Phone – or use its long name, LG 3.0 Prada Phone is the third Italian fashion brand with a Korean mobile phone manufacturer. It is a sharp-eyed device then with decent features, but is it worth the full 430 pounds?

The price of the LG Prada Phone puts it in the same league as many high-end power plants such as Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple’s iPhone 4S as well as newer phones such as Sony Xperia S and the HTC quad-core One X. So how do you measure that?

The LG Prada Phone is available from £ 21 a month for a two-year contract.

Should I Buy an LG Prada Phone?

With a 1GHz dual-core chip, a beautiful 4.3-inch screen and an upgrade to the latest Android operating system, Ice cream sandwich , promised at some point soon, the LG Prada Phone is the same respectable choice as any other decent Android phone. But if you are interested in this mobile phone over others, chances are you will be attracted by its fashionable design and branding.

As phone and technology companies increasingly receive iconic subscriptions to their own, mobile labels for sports fashions or car logos, which were once symbols of the status of consumer products, they seem less relevant. Not only have mobile phone manufacturers seriously improved their game design, but technology improvements in models such as the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 are what many consumers are not willing to sacrifice for a defective phone, even one that has a unique design.

The textured back draws attention to the distance and is scratched enough to double as a nail file.

If you build a stylish, high-end fashion phone, however, as long as you don’t ruin the ridiculous price tag, you can still create a product that is both reliable and desirable. Prada Phone does not compromise on style or substance, but its branding is really worth it.

Features similar to last year’s best Android phones, but for £ 430 – about the same price as the iPhone 4S – it’s £ 100 more than similar levels HTC Sensation . It is likely that if you are used to shelling a designer label, it will be neither a surprise nor a problem.

After all, if fashion is your passion and you want to stand out from the same Apple crowds, you can’t go wrong with your Prada phone. If labels are not your first love, you may want to invest in an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2.

Quality of design and assembly

Rectangular, black and minimalistic, the Prada phone risks looking just like any other phone out there, but a few clever touches of Italian glamor only help it stay ahead of the pack.

Without clumsy lumps and bumps, the phone is impeccably full of 8.5mm thin. The smoke and mirror effect that LG calls Floating Mass Technology also makes the phone look even thinner than it really is. I look forward to the day when LG will start making phones that can actually swim, but by this time I will have to decipher the exact meaning of the mysterious floating array on my own.

I would threaten with the assumption that this is that the back panel tilts inwards from the edges and is much narrower than the front of the phone. Placing it on a flat surface creates the illusion of a slender, shiny hoop above it.

Not as skeletal as the Motorola Razr, but securely 8.5mm thick.

A single sheet of glass overlaps the front of the phone, giving the impression that the screen fills the front of the phone in the right light. There is actually a black panel that runs around the screen, but assuming you haven’t changed the wallpaper, it’s hard to tell where the panel ends and the screen starts. LG describes the phone’s bezel as “made of genuine metallic material.” I suspect there is some plastic under the black chrome cover as the phone feels relatively light.

The Prada label is embroidered with silver on the front and back of the phone. Beneath the back label, at the bottom of the panel, is a small LG logo, with the imprint – you can almost say masked – black.

The distinctive design of the Prada Saffiano, which adorns the back of the phone, can look nice from afar, especially in the form of smoky, dimly lit Parisian bars, which we consider fashionable. But come near and you will see that the appearance of worn skin is really just an effect impregnated with plastic. Remove the back of the phone, and you will see that the panel is not only made of plastic, but also cheap, intricate plastic. I would not be surprised if this inconsolable material is favored by fashion enthusiasts.

It should be added that when making long, very important phone calls, the textured back began to feel a little scratch on my palms. I am aware that style and comfort are not traditionally the friendly counterparts in the fashion world, but something more gorgeous and with more threads would not remain here, especially given the price of the phone.

Overall, the phone feels solid, though much stronger in the front than in the back. Click on the plastic sheath and you will feel a light flexible and quiet creaking, making it painfully obvious how thin the pad is.

There is a SIM card slot inside the chassis. Fortunately, given the small 8GB internal storage, there is a microSD card slot, meaning you can increase the memory of your Prada phone by 32GB. Both can be accessed without removing the battery, which, while not very important, is an important design touch.

Below the panel is a microSD card slot that allows Prada memory to expand up to 32GB.

To enhance the phone’s minimalist look, the physical buttons and ports were minimized. The four standard Android touch buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, but they gracefully disappear when not in use. With the exception of two discrete volume buttons on the side, all are located in a neat row at the top.

From left to right – 3.5mm headphone jack, shortcut key, USB USB port with great sliding cover and lock / unlock switch. Buttons and sliders are the same chrome pins that are a stylish touch, though the unlock key was on the did-side and required too much wiggling and swinging to my liking.

The stylish Prada buttons come with the phone.

The handsets that came with the Prada phone are much more stylish than the plastic dads we are used to. They also have the Prada logo engraved on the sides. Not surprisingly, the sound quality is not very high, but combine them with the Prada sun while relaxing by the pool in your Lake Como estate, and your look is complete.


The Prada Phone boasts a brilliant 4.3-inch NOVA display the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S2. This size is the perfect compromise if you want the screen to be big enough to watch and watch videos on the go, but not so big that holding it will give you a spasm in your perfectly groomed hand.

The NOVA screens claim LG is more than twice as bright as the already melted retinas of Samsung-favored Super AMOLED displays. LG claims they also offer cleaner white, deeper blacks and consume 50 percent less power than traditional LCD screens.

The Nova low-calorie screen is extremely bright and measures an ideal 4.3 inches.

The resolution of the screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels is dated and disappointing, although it is not enough of a problem to affect the overall usability. At 217 pixels per inch (ppi), it falls short of the 300 + ppi screens found on the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus . Although the video looked clear, only the smallest text caused problems while watching it. For a phone that prides itself on its monochrome interface, it should be said that the colors look bright and vibrant.

However, turn the brightness back to full, and it becomes apparent that the black levels are not as deep as they could be. The illusion that the display fills the entire front of the phone is destroyed by the contrast between the black and the brighter black of the screen.

It should be noted that the brightness technology used by LG means that the phone emits a dazzling glow that you would like on your side if you were lost in an underground cave system filled with light-sensitive predatory monsters.

Gingerbread Android 2.3

Unfortunately, the Prada phone will not come packing latest version of android But in the special design edition 2.3 Gingerbread stored on board, it’s enough that it’s different in this fan’s software to intrigue me now.

Sandwich ice cream updates have been promised in the first quarter of 2012, but as April approaches, time is beginning to end. The design teams of two different companies have had to collaborate on the settings we see on a Prada phone – this is one design team more than usual – and given how long it takes for most companies to post updates, I think we can wait yet.

They say fashion is cyclical, but we thought we said goodbye to gray-level interfaces. According to Prada, black is back. The LG Prada Android skin has been sprayed with monochrome paint with a gun and, surprisingly, there is a lot to like.

The monochrome color scheme of the noorius means that there is no risk of collision with your freak.

The Prada Phone comes with seven standard Android home screens that can pack your favorite apps and widgets. Of course, the Prada phone will have access to it Google Play (formerly Android Market) , and the hundreds of thousands of apps it offers.

At the bottom of the home screens are four standard shortcut keys that give you access to the most important features of your phone. There is a drop-down menu at the top of the phone that gives you access to notifications and connection settings.

All menus as well as pre-installed widgets and applications have been converted to black and white to match the color scheme. If you want to attach a shortcut to an application you downloaded on one of the home screens, you have the option to choose a new white logo from a surprisingly comprehensive range that has been specifically designed to blend with the general environment.

Ice cream sandwiches are more oily than gingerbread, so it’s no wonder LG has chosen the latest OS on this trendy phone.

I will also add that although you are used to the positioning and appearance of logos, not being able to recognize applications such as Facebook or YouTube in their different colors, this means that navigation requires more concentration than usual. Tangled eyebrows may occur.

The Prada interface only works deep into the skin, and using your phone for any length of time will reveal a blur of Android colors hiding in the subcutaneous application. Another disappointment is that the application logo transformation tool only works on home screens, not the menu, which quickly destroys the black and white effect.

I really liked the originality of the interface, but it would not be to everyone’s taste. If you are even entertained by the thought that you may be bored with a monochrome theme, chances are you will succeed. Fortunately, Prada has provided you with sensitive print options to shake things up.

The first one, yellow and green, looks dizzying and will most likely look for eyeballs in your head in the most unpleasant way if you ever check your phone at unfriendly hours. Secondly, dealing with the blue and brown colors is less attractive, but annoyingly, it offers no more in terms of customization options, given that the LG Prada is a trendy phone.

See what your favorite site looks like in Prada Phone.

The program comes with a standard music player and Android browser, as well as a phone equipped with Polaris Office for reading and editing documents on the go. I thought the touchpad of the phone was adequate, but on the vulnerable, overly sensitive side, so you might be better off downloading some alternatives and thinking to find out which one works best for you.

The headset’s built-in antenna lets you listen to FM radio, and your phone comes with on-the-ground communication technology for wireless reading and tag sharing.

Social functionality is not at the heart of Prada Phone software. LG Social’s built-in widget appears on the second home screen and is sufficient for casual networks, but is not always updated. It was also a nightmarish effort to tag friends in the posts, as there seemed to be no way to mention my subscribers when typing. Posting photos was unnecessarily uncomfortable, and it often took several attempts to successfully solve what should be a direct task.


The slimming belly of this slim little fan hides a 1GHz dual core chip and 1GB of RAM. It keeps track of all the games, website browsing and other tasks you can throw with confidence.

However, with many other popular Android phones boasting a bit more power for less pennies, not to forget the quad-core monsters that were presented at this year’s Mobile World Congress, Prada Phone is pale in comparison. Soon these characteristics will look extremely outdated.

The phone worked extremely well when we completed its steps using the Quadrant test.

When I passed the quadrant test on my Prada phone, it scored amazingly, beating both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Nexus. Home screen transitions are creamy smooth, scrolling is whimsical, and programs open quickly. In general, I felt a slight lag when navigating the phone, though if you started downloading a lot of programs and widgets, and most likely you would start to see that it was slowing down a bit.

Battery life on smartphones is always disappointing, but I’m glad to say that the Prada phone has a longer life as the best of them – which may be due to its slightly less powerful processor and supposedly battery-saving screen technology. . The phone is quite happy to have a few long conversations, wide social networks, constant text messages, random browsing and a few shortAngry Birds sessions.


The back of the Prada phone has an 8-megapixel LED flash. It is clumsy, very close to the top left corner of the phone, making your finger very easy to slide in front of the lens, using it for landscape shots.

The camera has face and shooting modes, as well as a reasonable range of settings to work with, including exposure and white balance. If you want to get creative but aren’t comfortable managing cameras, there is also a photo editing app that comes preinstalled on your phone that lets you add different effects or frames to your shots.

The camera was sufficient and exactly what you expected from a phone of this standard. It will certainly not replace your dSLR or even your favorite compact, but it will serve as a reliable and competent backup when you move.

The detail and clarity were decent, making the Prada Phone a great alternative to your main emergency shooter (click on the image to enlarge).

In the photos we took, the colors seemed generally bright, vibrant and true to life. The sharpness and exposure were good, but too inconsistent because the camera struggles in bright conditions.

The camera tried to properly expose the image that day, though the colors remained bright (click on the image to enlarge).

The Prada phone also shoots video at 1080p resolution and watches the forward facing camera, perfect for video calls, self-deprecating self-portraits, or repeated touches of makeup in the back of a taxi limo.


The LG Prada Phone is an attractive device that will turn your head and envy you. Decent features, rugged performance and intriguing Android skin mean that this phone should not be missed as just another fashionable phone. The quality of the materials used to assemble this supposed premium tube together is not as luxurious as it should have been.

Will you get as much enjoyment from using it as other phones that are available for about the same price. However, the Prada Phone was designed specifically for fashion enthusiasts. After the release of the ice cream sandwich update, I am convinced that those who decide to break up will be completely satisfied with his work.

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