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Is Nokia Lumia 620 useful for school


The Good The Nokia Lumia 620 has a glare-cutting screen, a decent 5-megapixel camera, NFC, and an affordable price tag.

The Bad The Lumia 620 loses points for poor call quality, short screen timeout, low battery, and numerous design issues – including a hard-to-find SIM card slot.

The Bottom Line The Nokia Lumia 620 from Nokia has been successful in delivering the full Windows Phone 8 experience at a low price, but the buyer is wary of some compromises on battery, sound and design.

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6.7 Overall

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance

This review was originally published on 08/01/2013 and updated on 12/12/2013 with specifications for Aio Wireless.

The Lumia 620 is Nokia’s degree on the affordable unlocked Windows Phone 8 device for the masses of the world, and its cheerful, youthful design, so typical of the Lumia lineup, will help it stand out from competitors at the same price.

Still a dual core Windows 8 phone with front and rear cameras, the 620 is not as high-end as its counterparts. The screen is smaller than 4 inches, there are some design flaws, and wireless is not charging. However, the NFC, anti-glare screen and decent camera make it attractive and rich enough for smartphones for budget employees.

In the US, Nokia is taking a cautious, calculated approach to the premium and mid-range markets using Lumia devices such as Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 series (also: 822 and 810 ). However, there may well be phones such as the entry-level Nokia Lumia 620 that embody Nokia’s strongest growth potential.

Starting at $ 249, or about 190 euros, the Lumia 620 sells in parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and from Aio Wireless in the US for $ 99 ($ ​​180.)

Nokia Lumia 620, rollin’ in the cheap (pictures)

Design and build
With five saturated shades – white, black, yellow, blue and purple – the Lumia 620 screams attention. The body colors are two-layer, with an internal color (like white) that fits over the top (like blue) to create a kind of fuzzy, layered look. As the back covers pop up, you can technically turn them off.

In addition to the various candy coatings, the Lumia 620 is similar to the multifunctional 920, at least in terms of button and camera placement. Not all this resemblance is a good thing. Although the phone is only 4.5 inches tall and 2.4 inches wide, it is heavy in size, comes in at 4.5 ounces, and is as thick as the Lumias above, 0.43 inches deep.

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The rounded corners characterize the 620 shape, along with the highly rounded spines and the smooth, sometimes slippery lining that still fits into the curve of my palm. Less sharp is the sharp edge where the screen meets the sides; I feel it every time I hold my phone in my hand (but not when I gently hold it).

The Nokia Lumia 620 comes in several candy-colored hues, including lime and cyan. Stephen Shankland

Nokia provided this smaller Lumia 3.8-inch 800×480 pixel (WVGA) display. The bold, bright Windows Phone themes make the elements look crisp, but Nokia’s polarizing filter deserves a lot of attention to reduce glare. If the screen brightness was set to automatic mode and the sunlight readability setting (this happens by default), I could happily read the CNET website in desktop mode, no matter what method I encountered. Although one disclaimer: I tested the phone in full winter sun, but it is possible that a strong summer ray can overpower the filter. I would definitely recommend testing this somewhere tropically.

Above the main display area you will find a front VGA camera; underneath it, in the large panel, are three typical capacitive touch buttons for Windows Phone. There’s a back / multitask button, a Start / Voice command key, and a search button.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the phone, and at the bottom you will find a Micro-USB charging port. On the right are now the standard Nokia long buttons for adjusting the volume, power / lock and camera shutter. I like the way these buttons rise from the surface, but at least on my viewing phone the power and volume buttons were hard and uncomfortable to press. On the contrary, the camera button is easy to press.

Flip your phone over to see the 5MP main camera lens and flash unit. You will need to tear the back cover off to gain access to the microSD card slot – which takes up to 64GB of external storage – and to the micro-SIM card slot. Fortunately, Nokia has included a sticker that shows how the devil pops out of the back cover. I’ll tell you: place your thumb firmly over the camera module by twisting your fingers over the top of the backing and pulling / pushing.

You’ll need a manual to find the 620’s SIM card slot. Josh Miller

Your efforts will give you a great look at the inside of the 620, the cage for the microSD card slot on the left side of the battery. Does this mean that the recessed area above is for micro-SIM? Don’t be stupid! First you need to remove the battery, then pull out the tag that says SIM cards, or better still, touch around the nail for a tiny protrusion under the microSD card and pull it out. And good luck, if you first put the SIM card tray in its slot.

Here’s another last tip: When you switch the panel back on, start from the bottom and slide the case back into the top of the phone.

Apps and OS
The Lumia 620 runs Windows Phone 8, which means it provides tools to sign in to multiple email accounts and social networks. I had no problem adding my corporate email to my phone, and as always, logging into Twitter and Facebook was a breeze.

For the most part, you can do anything on the 620 that you can on any other Windows Phone 8 device. Windows Phone 8 review.

I love the shape of the 620’s buttons, but not their stiffness. Josh Miller

As for what Nokia brings to the table, you’ll find a range of applications including Nokia Care, City Lens for augmented reality, maps and Nokia Drive. There are also several filters available for camera lenses such as Smart Shoot. I noticed that Nokia Music is missing.

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The 620 comes pre-installed with several applications, including ESPN and Angry Birds Roost (a hub for all things related to Poultry.) As usual, these are additional basics such as a calculator, calendar, music player, browser, Microsoft Office suite and digital purse. My review block also contains several applications specific to the Indonesian market.

The 620 has NFC capability via Tap + Send, but keep in mind that the 620 does not have wireless charging. One thing I noticed while using the phone is that there are only two intervals to wait for the screen: 30 seconds or one minute. Both are short enough to make password locking uncomfortable, requiring many businesses to take precautionary measures to access company email on any smartphone.

Camera and video
Given that it is an entry-level smartphone, I was very impressed with the quality of the 5 megapixel images. The resolution won’t be as sharp as that of the best 8MP lenses, but the overall colors are bright and accurate enough. I teach a series of model photos; in many cases, you can click to enlarge the image. Others are cropped swatches of the image in full resolution.

This winter bloom’s colors are true to life. Click to enlarge. Jessica Dolcourt
Here’s a close up of the same flower, taken at full resolution. Jessica Dolcourt

I noticed quite a bit of noise in some of the photos, especially at full resolution. However, if you plan to use photos to fill your social media streams or other people, I think the Lumia 620 images are enough.

This market-goer’s hand and shirt are very noisy, and his features don’t look smooth. Full resolution crop, indoor farmer’s market. Jessica Dolcourt

Nokia is one of the manufacturers that gives you the ability to change your resolution, but you can choose shooting modes, such as close-up, night mode and sports. You can also adjust the ISO and white balance settings, as well as the aspect ratio.

CNET editor Jaymar Cabebe and his Friday bagel, full resolution. Jessica Dolcourt

It’s nice that the Lumia 620 lets you shoot 720p HD video (at 30 frames per second). I shot indoors and outdoors, and both times the camera produced videos with good color accuracy and smooth playback. As with other cameras, the image changes when you change the light source, such as when you are sharing a room or taking a 360-degree view outside in sunlight.

This nighttime shot of a local bar, taken with automatic settings, is not so hot. Jessica Dolcourt

I noticed that the microphone did not perceive the atmospheric sound very much, so although my voice sounded, my friends also sounded complaining.

I assure you, this gum does not taste good. Full resolution. Jessica Dolcourt

Consider the front VGA camera a very specific tool and you won’t be too upset. The image quality is very grainy, the faces look very pixelated. The colors are also a bit dim.

That’s yours truly, taken with the front-facing VGA camera. Full resolution. Jessica Dolcourt

As for storing your multimedia, the Lumia 620 has an 8GB internal storage. You will also gain access to 7GB via Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud server, and you can fill up to 64GB of microSD card. The phone has 512 MB of RAM.

CNET / CBS Interactive

Call quality
I tested the quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) Lumia 620 in San Francisco using AT&T’s network. An unlocked GSM phone, you could also use a T-Mobile micro-SIM card to make calls. Later, I also tested it on Aio Wireless, also in San Francisco.

I used the 620 to call a variety of land lines and cell phones. On all calls with AT&T and Aio, I noticed persistent white noise or crackle. Sometimes it whispered more quietly than on other calls, and at one time an oscillating tone squiggled across the audio landscape. Voices sounded a little muddy and flat (much more muted on Aio,) but there wasn’t any breaking up or cutting out, and volume was very pleasant at medium high (setting 5-7 of 10).

On his end of the line, my regular call tester said I sounded loud but distorted on AT&T, and noticeably scratchy on occasion. To be specific, he said that my vocal “amplitude peaks drive distortion.” So the louder I got and higher frequencies I hit in the course of a discussion, the more distorted my voice quality. He said I sounded like I was on a cheap phone (he had no idea which phone I was using).

At Ayo, my subscriber said that I sounded stunning: loud, warm, resonant and completely human, without any distortion.

Nokia Lumia 620 (AT&T) call quality sampleListen now:

Nokia Lumia 620 call quality sample (Aio Wireless)Listen now:

Surprisingly, speakerphone sounded better than conversing through the earpiece with both Aio and AT&T (Note: Aio is AT&T’s off-contract brand, and the two network resources overlap.) Volume held steady and maybe even picked up a notch over AT&T, but on Aio, it dropped. Audio sounded slightly less muffled on both networks, and the white noise calmed down. My speaker’s voice didn’t sound tinny or echoey, but it did come across a little hollow.

On his end, my caller said that volume dropped, distortion mellowed (with AT&T,) and I sounded fairly clear.

The Lumia 620 is a 3G phone that supports HSPA and HSPA + speeds. The speech was about what I expected; space at 3G speed but lagging behind 4G LTE. For example, a graphically rich CNET desktop site loads in about 20 seconds, which is not bad for HSPA +-enabled 3G phones.

Windows Phone: Performance testing (3G)
Download Endomondo (3MB) 36 seconds
Load up Endomondo mobile app 3.4 seconds
CNET mobile site load 4.7 seconds
CNET desktop site load 20 seconds
Boot time to lock screen 37 seconds
Camera boot time 3 seconds
Camera, shot-to-shot time 2.5 seconds with flash and focusing

The CPU power also slides where you would expect it for a phone of this class. It comes with Nokia dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.0 GHz processor; not the fastest Qualcomm does on any stretch, but good enough if you go from something slower.

I’ve been testing a lot of phones at clock speed, so compared to that it was a bit behind. However, the performance was almost on par with Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 , 26 seconds is off for download and 3 seconds for the camera application.

When using the Speedtest.net diagnostic application, the speed is constantly reduced at about 3 Mbps and about 1 Mbps, feeds or receives.

The talk time of the Lumia 620 is 9.9 hours for 3G and the standby time is 13.75 days. Music play time is 61 hours. The 1300 mAh battery is located on the small side of the capacity scale. The phone ran 11.12 hours of talk time during our battery test.

The limited screen time of the Lumia 620 helps to conserve battery power. If you are interested in buying a phone, be sure to check them out tips for improving battery life on your Windows 8 phone . According to ICNIRP, the device has a digital specific absorption coefficient of 0.84 W / kg

Overall take
If you are looking for an inexpensive, inexpensive smartphone that can make a lot of money, the Nokia Lumia 620 is a good choice – as long as you know the trade-offs in battery performance, sound quality and design. what to do with an inexpensive smartphone.

The quality of the camera and video is more than decent for what you get, the screen reads better than most outdoors, and the operating system gives you the basics of a smartphone.

Has Nokia proved that it can create an entry-level smartphone that is worth buying? So. But if you have the opportunity to switch to another model with more premium features, do it.

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