Is Asus LS201 good for work


The Good Stylization; tougher than most screens.

The Bad Outstanding image quality.

The Bottom Line Buy the LS201 if it fits your decor, or if you have unscrupulous children, but for the same money you have better monitors.

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6.5 Overall

Asus tries not to do “normal”. We saw laptops with external displays , durable ultra-mobile PCs , and now the company that brought you Lamborghini The laptop brings you a scratch-resistant monitor.

We are not sure how many monitors are threatened by a large scratch, but the LS201 reinforced glass panel is a soothing addition, if nothing else. It is made of sapphire crystal, a material (supposedly) so scratch-resistant, and so hard, our Asus representative dared to hit it.

It is an ideal tool for stress managers who tend to float on inanimate objects. Or is it a senseless marketing gimmick to exhibit?

The LS201 looks the part. You will almost certainly find yourself in the glossy black panel, orange and blue LEDs and the pride beam on the Red Dot Design sticker at the bottom left. After you have broken it, you are surprised at the base section, which is especially impressive. The inner circle is lined with LEDs that glow blue when the monitor is in use and yellow when it is in standby mode.

The lower bottom shell makes the LS201 look dirty – as if on a 4: 3 aspect ratio. It’s actually a widescreen display, which is indicated by a resolution of 1,440×1,050 pixels. It has a contrast ratio of 2000: 1, a brightness level of 300 cd / m2, a response time of 5ms, plus DVI and D-Sub ports, all of which correspond to the rate of the 20-inch display. According to Asus, it includes both DVI and D-Sub cables.

The LS201 uses a glossy finish. Asus says it is “scratch resistant” so it is perfect if you have malicious children who can cause accidental damage. It offers much better protection against accidental damage than a regular monitor, but you should read how firmly we thought it was later in this review.

On the important issue of image quality, the LS201 is average. Its glossy finish and high contrast are ideal for movie viewing and it looks good for everyday use. Provided you do not actively want to find a problem with this, the LS201 is absolutely fine.

The LS201’s greatest asset is its power. It is decorated with stickers that say that it is scratch resistant, so we challenged this victory – nails and more. This has gone through our initial onslaught, to the delight of Asus. But then his representatives took it a step further and dared us to break through.

We always strive to test products to their limits, so we did not hesitate to give it the ultimate benchmark – a series of relentless punches.

The first time we hit him, the punch was wearing a ring and the screen was scratching. Asus laughed at this, sent us a replacement LS201 and told us to go easy with the rings. When we hit it, the ring bell, it was also damaged – the blow moved a tiny piece of unspecified down behind the sapphire crystal panel. Verdict: LS201 is not scratch resistant or at least resistant.

Asus’s Splendid technology appears in LS201 (yes, it’s actually called Splendid), but its features are pointless. Asus describes it as an “exciting innovation,” but hyperbole aside, it’s essentially a system that allows you to switch between pre-installed video display modes.

The special Splendid button lets you switch between landscape, standard, theatrical, game and night modes, but all but the standard completely destroy the accuracy of the image. Approximately every color looks completely different, as it should – for example, orange looks yellow and purple looks pink.

Even in the standard LS201 color reproduction mode is subpar. It seems difficult to tell the difference between the adjacent shades, so things like blues and purple look remarkably similar. If you are involved in color-relevant works such as image editing, you may want to look elsewhere. Even movie guards have to be careful: the monitor loses a lot of detail in the dark scenes, so you can get lost in what was going on in this crucial movie.

Don’t expect much in the way of the LS201. It has neither a USB hub, nor the ability to rotate or lift the display, nor a memory card reader, nor HDCP compliance – so it cannot display high-definition copy protected movies.

The LS201 is not great. It’s not scratch resistant – at least not in our extreme tests. Also, it does not provide excellent image quality. If you use a 20-inch monitor that looks stylish, you’d better agree to it LG Black Jewel .

The LS201 offers better protection than a regular monitor, but what to do? We would rather have decent image quality than average protection at best.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Kate Maysfield

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