Is AOC 2236Vw useful for home


The Good Cheap.

The Bad The touch buttons are not sensitive enough and cannot be seen in the dark. Extremely common mild bleeding. Poor control of gray. Disappointing bad screen.

The Bottom Line The 2236 Vw AOC is a low-end model with strong light blood flow, poor gray control and a horrible screen. There are simply far better options in this price range, such as the Acer G225HQ. So we can’t recommend it.

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5.5 Overall

AOC does not allow us to reduce sharpness, which results in a failed test. So far, the most unsuccessful pixel walk tests we’ve seen have been four – the AOC takes it to the not too comfortable top five.

Input lag
Measured against the Samsung SyncMaster 975p CRT and using the Canon 40D, set at a shutter speed of 1/320, more than 60 photos were taken on average using Virtual Stopwatch Pro. The average DVI result was 7.65 ms, which means that there is almost no input lag.

Colour accuracy
ΔE is a measurement of how much the measured color deviates from its expected value, allowing us to determine the accuracy of the monitor colors. Although the value of ΔE 1 is considered acceptable as long as it is less than 3, the shift should not be too obvious. HCFR was used to determine ΔE for the monitor.

Let’s see how the 2236Vw goes out of the box.

Measured levels
Contrast ratio 869:1
Black level (cd/m²) 0.30
White level (cd/m²) 260.73
Gamma 2.43
Greyscale ΔE
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
80.8 42.3 38.3 33.1 29.6 32.0 28.6 25.4 21.1 17.3 10.0
Colour ΔE
Red Green Blue Yellow Cyan Magenta
5.3 7.1 14.8 8.0 14.3 10.5

Non-calibrated CIE chart The white triangle is the color space of the monitor, the dark is the sRGB that it is trying to match.(CBS Interactive screenshot)

This is the worst calibrated shade of gray we have seen to date. Hopefully Match 3 Eye-One and HCFR can bring that back.

Measured levels
Contrast ratio 730:1
Black level (cd/m²) 0.19
White level (cd/m², target 140cd/m²) 138.70
Gamma (target 2.2) 2.17
Greyscale ΔE
0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
85.9 14.8 5.2 3.4 2.1 1.0 0.5 1.7 0.5 1.4 1.6
Colour ΔE
Red Green Blue Yellow Cyan Magenta
6.0 6.1 10.1 10.2 6.7 10.9

CIE Calibrated Chart(CBS Interactive screenshot)

Gray is much better now, but our sub-50% ΔE is down by a significant margin.

Viewing angles
Viewing angles were made using the Canon 40D in spot metering, with only shutter time adjusting for good exposure.

AOC Viewing Angles 2366Vw.(Credit: Craig Simms / CBS Interactive)

Backlight uniformity
Backlight uniformity was measured by placing the HCFR in free mode, displaying a fully white image and recording brightness along a 5×3 grid on the screen. This should be considered as a guide only, since the uniformity of the backlight can vary from one unit to one.

Nothing happens here.(Credit: Craig Simms / CBS Interactive)

Light bleed
The slight bleeding was incredibly obvious from above and below, much worse than usual at this level.

It is important to note that the effects of light bleeding are likely to vary from monitor to monitor, regardless of size.

Other issues
The panel itself is deep enough, and the frame is a piano black, which means that during bright scenes you may notice the screen display on the panel, which for some will be distracting.

Power consumption
We measured energy using a Jaycar digital energy meter. It is important to note here that due to the limitations of the meter, the measurements are limited to 1 W or more and reported in 1 W increments.

All measurements, brightness and contrast of the screen were set to 100 percent and the test image was displayed.

Juice Box
Maximum power draw 34W
Power-saving mode

At maximum, it attracts about the average for its class of monitors. However, the energy saving and switching off of the switch are excellent.


AOC offers a three-year 2236Vw warranty. For dead pixels, the AOC honors 30-day bright pixel replacement only from the date of purchase. After that, you will need to make a warranty claim, and you will need the following:

  • Three bright sub-pixels
  • Three dark sub-pixels
  • Only five subpixels
  • Two dead sub-pixels less than 10 mm apart


The 2236W AOC is a low-end model with high blood flow, poor gray control and a horrible screen. In such a price range as, for example, much better options Acer’s G225HQ . So we can’t recommend it.

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