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HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One (C410a) characteristics


The Good The HP Photosmart Premium C410a delivers respectable output speed and strong print quality across text, graphics, and photo prints, and features like ePrint and AirPrint increase its utility.

The Bad The Photosmart Premium C410a main paper tray holds only 125 sheets, its status LCD is tiny, and its printing applications are of dubious value.

The Bottom Line The HP Photosmart C410a Premium is an option to buy if you need all-in-one functionality and take advantage of HP’s wireless and web printing technologies.

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The HP Photosmart Premium C410a ranks mid-way between a versatile, inexpensive home inkjet printer and a multifunction multifunction for office use. It is priced at $ 299, but you can find it online for $ 199 – including directly from HP at an instant $ 100 discount. It produces faster, higher quality prints than competitive low-end all-in-one printers, and HP also incorporates convenient ePrint and AirPrint technologies that allow you to send print jobs via email and directly from Apple iOS devices. We recommend it for home offices with easy printing expectations, or if you frequently print photos, but if you need a workhorse printer, bypass this device to choose an Editor Award Epson WorkForce 840 .

Design and features
The HP Photosmart Premium C410a is average size for the average MFP, 11.1 inches wide, 18.4 inches wide, and 17.8 inches deep. It has one 125-sheet paper tray, and above it a 20-sheet photo paper tray. By comparison, the 500-sheet Epson WorkForce 840 paper tray offers four times the volume for busy offices that take more prints.

The main Photosmart Premium C410a paper tray can hold legal size paper, and the small photo tray can hold paper up to 5×7. A busy high-volume office will constantly need to refill a 125-sheet paper tray, but home users find it convenient to have a dedicated photo tray that saves you the hassle of loading photo paper manually when alternating photo prints with documents and photos.

At the top of the printer, you will find a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) that lets you slide into a stack of sheets to scan, copy or print freely. Photosmart Premium C410a also has automatic two-sided printing that can print on both sides of a single sheet of paper, and a button on the printer control panel makes it easy to switch between one-sided and two-sided printing.

The Photosmart Premium C410a supports the touch screen trend by servicing the control panel lit with physical buttons. The control panel works almost the entire width of the printer, with enough space for organized button placement. The small, 2.4-inch status LCD is on the left side of the control panel. The panel sits fixedly at an angle, but the color LCD can tilt forward for better viewing when you’re sitting. To the left of the LCD on the front of the printer are three media card slots (MemoryStick, SD and CompactFlash) and a PictBridge USB port for direct printing from a compatible digital camera.

You’ll also notice a button labeled “Print Photos” in addition to the normal buttons to initiate scans, copies, and faxes. By attaching a USB device or inserting a media card, the printer scans the disc or card for photos that you can view on the LCD screen and scroll through with the arrow buttons. You can also select the photos you want to print, make a few basic edits if you like (though it’s hard to see on the small screen how your changes affect the image), and click Print Photos to bring up the project. Finally, a convenient automatic paper sensor automatically removes the media directly from the photo tray.

Installing a printer is no more difficult than installing software and drivers from a built-in CD, and then connecting the printer to a PC or Mac using a USB cable. You will need to supply your own for direct connection as HP leaves it out of the box. The C410a also has an Ethernet and Wi-Fi network, and we connected it wirelessly to the printer by going through the setup screens, clicking on our preferred Wi-Fi network and entering our password.

You do not need additional applications to print from your iPhone after syncing your printer to a wireless network. It also works with the iPad and iPod Touch, although we haven’t tested with these devices. HP calls this an AirPrint feature, and it’s incredibly smooth. Without having to visit the Apple App Store, we were able to print directly from our iPhone. We have printed a photo from our iPhone photo technique simply by selecting a printer and clicking Print. However, you cannot customize any print properties that result in a square photo with a gipstatic clipping using both 4×6 and 4×6 paper.

In addition to AirPrint, the printer also comes with HP ePrint technology, which allows you to email the printer an attachment for printing. To customize it, click the ePrint button on the Photosmart Premium C410a control panel, and it prints a welcome sheet with the code you need to enter on the HP ePrint website. Then the code becomes an email address: code@hpeprint.com. ePrint is a handy feature, but it has some limitations. For one, the printer must be switched on and connected to your network (you choose whether someone can send electronic print jobs to your printer or only to whom you share access). On the other hand, it can’t print webpages, though you can simply copy webpages to that part of the email to get a similar page.

The printer also has HP printing applications that allow you to print pages from outlets such as Financial Times, Yahoo, Reuters, USA Today. Other DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and Disney companies allow you to print coloring books, paper airplane templates and other crafts. You can also install additional freeware applications, but you must do so from the HP ePrint Center website after you create your account. It would be infinitely easier to just upload them directly to the printer. In addition, applications are much more useful on a printer with a larger LCD.

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8.5 by 11.7 inches flat scanner / copier, that is, it can scan or copy sheet-size documents, but not legal sheets. It has a resolution of 4800 dpi, and the scanned and copied documents look crisp and clear. You can send the scan to a PC, memory card or USB stick. It is also possible to scan photos on any paper that is in the photo tray. The right front corner is used to align copied or scanned materials as easily as other printers, allowing you to align pages or photos in the left back corner. Unlike Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 however, Photosmart Premium C410a hinges do not come off, which is inconvenient when scanning or copying pages from thick textbooks.

The Photosmart Premium C410a uses five ink tanks (yellow, blue, purple and two black cartridges). High-performance black cartridges (564XL) cost $ 17.99. 750 pages are priced, and high-performance color ink cartridges (564XL) cost $ 22.99. USA for 550 pages. Working with these figures, monochrome pages cost 2.4 cents a page, and color pages 4.1 cents. These figures are about average for jet streams, although the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 uses high-performance black cartridges that cost only $ 4.99 and provide a monochrome print of less than a penny per page. The Pinnacle Pro901 also boasts a low 3.2 cents per color page.

During lab testing, the HP Photosmart C410a has proven to be the average of all four of our MFP printers in its price range. Our speed tests produced just over eight pages of monochrome text, four pages of color graphics, and just over six PowerPoint slides per minute. These speeds lagged behind the performance of the Epson WorkForce 840, our choice of editors for this category, but outpaced MFP with a similar price, such as the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901. It also clearly reimagined the entry-level multifunction MFP, the HP Photosmart D110a, which shows the performance you get as you increase your HP Photosmart line.

Photosmart C410a also created 1.35 4×6 frames per minute; we believe that anything exceeding 1 x 4×6 per minute is respectable, and even the highly rated WorkForce 840 failed to reach this mark.

The speed of the Photosmart C410a is not at the expense of quality. It came out with clear dark black text that clearly outperformed the quality of the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 text. Color graphics and photos showed accurate colors, although we found the copies of the photos to be a bit blurred. However, we recommend that you simply reprint the photo from its digital source if you need a different copy.

Speed tests
(Longer bars indicate better performance)

Black Text (PPM) Color Graphics (PPM) Photo (PPM) Presentation (PPM)

Epson WorkForce 840
12.484.510.866.79 HP Photosmart Premium C410a
8.1741.356.06 Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 Canon Pixma MG6129 HP Photosmart D110a

Service and support
HP supports the Photosmart C410a with exclusive advanced support services: a dedicated free-of-charge number to troubleshoot online chat with an HP expert, and a one-year warranty to guarantee next-day business re-launch and branding new substitutes within the first 30 days after purchase.

In addition, HP offers additional protection against accidental damage and a pickup and return program that sends an authorized courier to pick up your defective equipment and deliver it directly to HP for repair.

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You can find more information about the warranty by visiting HP Support Web site which also include online classes, frequently asked questions (FAQs), driver downloads and troubleshooting tips, as well as a new purchasing buddy to chat with an HP sales representative so you can ask questions before you buy.

For a home office that needs copy, scan and fax functionality, the HP Photosmart Premium C410a offers clear speeds and output. The low-capacity paper tray limits the attractiveness of large offices, but the HP-ePrint and HP AirPrint features make it a useful option for home users.

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